Regardless of Dave calling it a Hoax.....Bachelor Re-Cap

I still have a Bachelor re-cap and I still love the show....

I watched last week. Had lots of thoughts, but could barely keep my eyes open.

Felt bleh about the episode this week so far too....
Is it Ben? Is it the girls? I'm just not sure.
It's kind of a boring, but sweet season.
Well except for Courtney and her skinny dipping sesh.

So here are thoughts....
Ben, your swim shorts in Belize are too short and too tight.
the girls all look belize-ish except kourtney who is in flare jeans.

Kasie B. is still my favorite.
Lyndzi's voice and hair in her face is starting to get on my nerves.
Haha...Courtney has a new nickname....SHARK.
She does have a pointy nose.

Lyndzi's one on one date was boring.
It is almost impossible to make-out while swimming when you can't touch the bottom.
I think I saw her panties more than twice while she was sitting awkwardly on the couch/bed for their dinner date.

Ben's favorite word is GREAT.
Lyndzi's is ABSOLUTELY.

Emily and Ben's date is exactly my kind of vacation.
Give me Belize, Dave, beach and bicycles and we would be happy.
I think he and Emily have a little bit more going on than the producers are showing us.
See, Dave, I know it might be a little fabricated!
I think if Em and Ben had more time....it would really work.

Seriously, Courtney is crying. Actress.....
You don't see Emily and Ben together...but seriously is he your type?
I think now.
He is going to die when he watches the show.

Ben mentions 'deeper and stronger'....
I'm sorry...are you talking about your relationship with her
or skinny dipping with her.
OH....no I didn't just go there.
But I wonder...how do you skinny dip and not um.....

You know Courtney you talk about being more mature than the other girls
but you are the most catty and whiny and jealous of them all.

My favs right now....Kasie and Nikki actually.
But I don't think Nikki has a chance past this week.
Better friends than girlfriend material.

Loved Ben waking them up early.
You could see some of those girls were very uncomfortable!
And I was uncomfortable watching them shave their armpits.
Swimming with sharks was cool....but I'd never do it.
Who wants to see a sand shark. I want to see colorful fish and turtles!

Rachel...tuck your boobs in please.
Love that Kasie got the ROSE!

Courtney's got a pina colada, in Belize, had a relaxing day...
all the reasons why she is there.
Definitely not for Ben. She didn't even mention his name.
I'm sorry Courtney...how old are you again...playing with your umbrella.

No need for a cocktail party. No need to kiss all 6 of you when he knows he is sending 2 home.
Slap that Courtney. Someone. Please.

Favorite dress goes to Kasie B.
Ummm...Courtney...c'mon you know you are here for the Pina Coladas...

yay for Nikki! I'm so excited for her.
and here is the fabrication/hoax...
you know the producers had the final two be between the two rivals.

Boo that Emily will be going home.
It's nice to see Courtney sweat though.
Oh and did you catch the catty smell of the rose while glancing at Em.
Throw up in my mouth.

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  1. OH my gosh. Love this recap because it is SO TRUE and SO PERFECT!! Kassie & Nikki are my fav, too...but Ben & Nikki don't seem to spend THAT much time together.
    Lynzdi looks sooo different without make-up...on their date, I couldn't figure out who she was. Haha!! Sad, right?

    I'd punch Courtney in the face if I could. (Ok, I would never...but I can't stand her.)

  2. i love this season. I agree that Kassie and nikki are my favs. Of course he will probably pick the horrible Courtney. The way she keeps piercing her lips drives me nuts! ha! What in the world does he see in her? Shes weird!

  3. what no mention of Kacie B.'s impression of squashing Courtney!? haha my favorite part... finally some personality from that girl!! :)

  4. Lyndzi-she looks at him through her forehead. She nods her head down, and then looks up through her hair and eyelids and forehead. And she says "important" very strangely, with extreme emphasis on the T. But I still don't NOT like her.

    Kasie is adorable. Love her.

    Starting to really like Nikki but I agree that there doesn't seem to be any spark, to use Courtney's word of the show.

    Courtney is a tramp, a fake, and it aggravates me I no end. Scripted or not, parts are real because some have really formed and made relationships out of this crud. Trista and Ryan being my faves. :) Love this stuff.

  5. I'm very sad Emily went home...I really like her. Yeah, Lizni's voice is kinda annoying, Courtney has so many "did she just say that" moments, it makes it enjoyable to watch. My friend read a website that says who won, and they've been right the last 5 times....I wish I didn't know, but I do (I think). A very diff. way to watch! I see you're going to SNAP! excited to meet you, April!


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