Master Bedroom....Small Spaces

There has been some rearranging in our home since the two babies came.
Some remodeling, some redecorating, some additions to our decor.

A few times now I have posted pictures from our Master Bedroom either on Facebook or on my What I Wore posts and both generated comments about our drapes in our bedroom.

Here's the new look!

The bedding has changed....and we added curtains!
I've decided after sleeping in hotels with triple sheeting, that duvet covers are over-rated.
All of the down comforter just ends up in the bottom and it is impossible to fluff without taking apart the whole bed. We've made some changes...not necessarily triple sheeting...but loose down comforters with a sheet below and topped with a blanket. It is so easy to fluff the comforter now every morning!

I made the curtains with some of my most favorite material that quickly sold out and is no longer available. Sorry. I didn't have quite enough so I measured carefully and pieced two coordinating fabrics together to add a wide band of a complimenting fabric from the same line to the bottom. I actually love the bottom band on it better than if the curtain had been just all one fabric. Because I love lots of light in our home...I did not line them. They are for decoration only.

And this corner of the bedroom has changed drastically!
I'll show our Baby Spaces next week but here is a little bit about what has changed in that corner.

The antlers are gone and the chair and pictures have been replaced.
The antlers gave me nightmares of 1,000 ways to die....
Earthquake causes antlers to fall and pierce baby while sleeping in crib...I didn't want to be part of that show!
The antlers have found a new home in our family room.
And while the chair was one of my favorites...it wasn't very comfortable to sit in to feed a baby at night!

Instead we purchased a chair from Ikea that is so comfy for nighttime feedings.
And, while we were at Ikea, we picked up one of their big mirrors for $99!

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  1. Oh, I love it! The colors are perfect- relaxing and cozy all at once!

  2. This looks great. I really love the colors as well. I'm starting to agree about the duvet covers. We got our first one in June & it's pretty awful. The "queen" cover is so much bigger than the "queen" down comforter! I'm thinking about taking it off, but I'm not sure how to dress the bed without it. I can't just use the plain white comforter because my dog would make it dirty in about 2 days. Haha!

  3. OK! Now you come to Nashville and make over my home!!!!!! I LOVE IT! The bed looks wonderful! I"m considering going white come spring time! WE'll see. Black weiner dog hair might not look too cute on that though!!!!!! ;)


  4. I'm obsessed with getting my house as light as possible too! February is always so dreary. Can't wait to see the rest!

  5. What a beautiful and calming space! I absolutely love the curtains, and the beadboard wall behind the bed. Oooh and the IKEA mirror! :)

  6. ooooh! love!
    and more on the bedding, please??? we have an even smaller space than you (no lie. we could not fit those dressers on each side of our bed). anyway, i too, love hotel bedding, and i am hating this whole comforter ordeal (after switching from the duvet that always needed to be fixed).

  7. Oh it looks wonderful. My favorites are those lovely curtains and mirror!

  8. What a beautiful space! It looks so calm! I <3 it!

  9. Love it! Love the curtains and the lamps! :)

  10. Everything looks great. How do you keep your bedroom soooo clean?? I always have clothes and magazines and books everywhere...drives me crazy!!!

  11. i know you're busy, but can you give me a scoop on how you did the bedding? i seriously want to do something like this. where is the comforter? is that a sheet on top?

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