Insta Week!

Our weekly review with my Instagram Pics!

Date night to buy a new mattress....
{objects on bed appear larger than they really are}
at least that is what I am hoping!

We were happy to support this company.
We even got a discount for being foster parents!

I fell in love with this wool rocker at West Elm.
I seriously love chairs. All kinds.

On Wednesday I visited Dave on his jobsite.
They guys took a lunch break and I snuck this picture!

Kaia's highschool is performing the musical Hairspray!
Kaia is Shelley...one of the Corny Collins Dancers.
This was shot after dress rehersal.

Grandma Toni seriously whipped up this crinoline skirt in one morning for Kaia's finale dress!

Opening Night!
They did a fantastic job. The set was amazing.

I whipped up this little pillow today.
Any guesses where it is going in our house?

It will make an appearance next week in it's final place!
Happy Weekending.

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  1. I think the pillow is going in the white chair in your newly decorated bedroom. Totally matches the orange in the new curtains :)

  2. Your blog looks fun. Thanks for your presentation this morning. You guys were awesome. Thanks. I have 2 blogs if you would like to visit them.

  3. My guess is in your bedroom :) Kaia is beautiful!! And where did you get your AWESOME turquoise lamps?? LOVE them!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope Kaia's play went smashingly. You're pillow is amazing...pure love.

  5. Did you say high school????????????????? She's not in high school.........is she?????? My Lord, she looks so pretty and GROWN UP.


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