Insta Week.....

A look back at my week with a few Instagram photos from my phone!

Friday night I tackled a project that I've been wanting to do since my walls were painted white...make a new roman shade. I cheated though and used a shower curtain sewn over my existing roman shade. I'll show my how-to tricks next week. I took a few pics!!

Cousin Kyle spent the night on Saturday night and came to church with us on Sunday morning. I mean what's the difference getting 4 or 5 kids ready for 9 am church!! I dug through Blake's old church clothes and found him a perfect outfit. He had the biggest grin when he came out and said....I look just like Uncle Dave!
I'm pretty sure he is spending the night this Saturday again. He had me hang up his church clothes and he picked out his tie for this week.

I've been 4 for 4 everyday this week with my love affair with the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. Pretty sure I'll make it 5 for 5 today!!

I keep walking through Target and I stop and gaze at these skinny pants in such fun colors. Then I remember....I am 40 and not in shape for 'look at my not-so firm legs'! Reviews are bad on them. They say the fabric is so thin they show everything. Phew, glad I didn't waste time trying them on.
Plus Kaia instantly commented on my instagram pic....'NO mom......'

Little Miss likes Peas. Definitely not my child. She left all the corn on the tray. But those tiny fingers grasping for food....be still my heart!

Every night right before bed I crave juice. When our bottle of apple juice ran out...I went diving into the fridge for the single serving boxes and I've sucked one of these down the last two nights!

And my most favorite one from the week....while I was cleaning out my recipe book I came across these two photos....I know crazy...don't ask! One is of my brother pre second brain tumor and that is the largest piece of cake I think I have ever seen someone cut for themselves. The second picture is Kaia when she was 5 handing out Halloween candy from our trunk at 'trunk or treating'!

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  1. AGREE on the Target pants. I went in yesterday ready to buy the salmon color ones...and I tried on 2 sizes...2 of which WERE NOT my normal sizes...by DOUBLE...and they still didn't fit! ANd yes, they show EVERYTHING. AWFUL! I was really disappointed!

  2. sweet pics:) love the chubby fingers of your little, and the pic of your bro:)))
    (oh and your Roman shade is gorgeous)

  3. Love the Roman shade! Such pretty material. Sweet chubby fingers :) the hot chocolate looks so yummy! I would take just the whip cream & caramel ;)

  4. What fun photos of your week... that hot chocolate thing looks DIVINE!! I want to try one!:)

  5. I just made a Roman shade for my kitchen a couple weeks ago. There is almost nothing better than finding another picture of a loved one that has passed on. My mom found some more of my brother Jason right after Christmas, better than Christmas day!


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