Insta Friday....a little glimse into our week.

Blake had cousin Kyle spend the night again on Saturday.
Fun Uncle Dave put up our tent in the family room.
They decided they were a little scared to sleep in the family room...
so they each slept with a baseball bat by their side.
It was hilarious.

 I found them the next morning like this.....
watching morning cartoons from the tent!

 We did some serious purging/cleaning in our closet this week.
It looked so good when it was done.
And there is even room for a few new clothes in there!

But here is the aftermath in our bedroom from cleaning out our closet!
Two large bags of garbage and three large piles for donation/blog sale.
And, an unmade bed...which hardly ever happens in our home
mainly because I hate crawling in at night to an unmade bed.

I managed to sneak in a mani/pedi on Valentine's Day.
I picked up Essie's Smokin' Hot.
It is a smoky plum color and I love it.
I tweeted Dave...."Just thought you should know you are treating me to a mani/pedi right now. Thanks Babe!"

Adding a top coat today to try to help make the mani last longer!

*  *  *  *  *  *

Our plans for this weekend.....
Take pictures of house projects to share next week.
Kaia's volleyball tournament this weekend.
Finish emptying out the coat closet for a new little project.
Take Blake shoe shopping.
{the boy is hard on shoes...but we are so grateful he walks...we don't complain!}
Keep working on garage/house orginization so we can get the POD outta here by end of month.
Oh...and eating Girl Scout cookies!!

What are your plans this weekend?

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  1. Ahh girl scout cookies... I need some! I'm putting on a baby shower this weekend! Yea!

  2. Love that Smokin' Hot! Don't even get me started on the darn girl scout cookies - I'll be bringing several boxes to my recycling center from the past week. Hitting the gym extra hard Monday.

  3. Man, I wish I could have me some girl scout cookies. Argh! My hubby and I are on a "no sugar" diet for a while in an attempt to get healthy. Boo!!! I LOVE that Smokin' Hot, too---I'm going to have to get me a bottle of that. Looking forward to doing some cleaning and purging of junk around the house tomorrow and then a date night with my hubby. :-)

  4. Love that nail polish!! I have the exact same color:)

  5. I need to clean out my boys closets SO bad!! Ugh..And I LOVE that color so pretty! :)
    Have a great weekend.


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