Dear Dave + April.....he responded!

I was so excited to get a love letter from Dave this week in response to this letter I wrote a few weeks ago.

Dear April,

I don't think you failed. I think that sometimes we fall into a rut. It's easy to do, it's comfortable until one of us questions it and challenges what we are doing and that usually happens during an argument. I think we are a good team but sometimes one of us feels like we are on the sidelines. I also think we talk a lot about "us time" and "mommy and daddy need a date night" but don't necessarily follow through. Both of those statements are true.........so aren't we failing together? Life cannot only be kids, work, work, kids, work, work, work, crash. This has led us right into that rut but we have made huge strides to make it out in the past. I would like to go on a date that doesn't have to be cut short because we have to get home in 15 minutes. It dosen't lead to a relaxing evening for me. Lets talk and plan so we can have more one on one time and not feel so rushed. I want to work hard to make life easier. I love the times we have together and they remind me why we love each other. I feel this is an absolute necessity to survive our crazy daily life.

I was pretty stoked the other day that you called as I was coming home just to chat. It turned into a great conversation and was very positive. A positive atttitude makes every situation better, even disasters tolerable. That is something I'm trying to emulate about you. You are always positive, the glass is half full in your eyes. Thank you for the many things you do for us and our family with a smile. It makes "hard=easy".

Now I have one more thing to talk about. The Bachelor show is a hoax. It's fabricated maddness. You don't fall in love with someone you just met after one evening. Here's an idea....have a show about people who have lived together for more than 10 years and see what happens!

Love, Dave


  1. I love your Dave & April series. Glad to see it's back even if only temporarily. My husband and I have been married for almost 14 years and it's good to see that what happens with us happens to others who've been married for a while. We also need to follow through on more "date night." Thanks for the reminder.

    Oh, yeah, I totally agree with Dave. The bachelor is so fake and unrealistic. Just sayin' :)

  2. I love Dave's idea of having a REAL show based on REAL couples who live REAL lives.

    Thanks for being so open-- I think it really helps people. :-)

  3. Your Dave is a keeper! :)
    And I love his suggestion about the show...

  4. Hahaha!! Love the Bachelor comment. I laugh everytime one of them is sent home. Crying--sobbing actually, over a guy they have not even been on a date with and have known maybe 3 weeks! I love to read your Bachelor comments, they crack me up.

    I love your Dave+April series. Life gets so busy that sometimes marriage feels more like roommates. I love that you remind us to comtinue to create that spark.

    p.s. Thanks for the sweet email you sent me :)

  5. Here's a post that has to do with Dave's last comment.

    1. Kat Von B!!! that was a great article. thanks for sharing. I'll show it to Dave. bring on the 'ugly love'.

  6. this series is just the sweetest! you and your hubby are lovely!

    p.s. and i know you are super, super busy right now, but i miss your wiww!

  7. Ok, I'm reading and oooooing and aahhhhhing and then he slams us with the Bachelor hoax?!?!? Dave!!!!!! You almost had me at dear April....but alas, men just don't get it.


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