Bachelor Re-Cap....Hometown Dates

First up...Lindzi.
Chin up Linds....c'mon put that chin up and look me straight in the eye!
There is something so cute and sweet...but also something that bugs me a little.
Maybe she is just a tad nervous on TV.
She is gorgeous.

Yup...she's nervous...she can't even spit out...over the river and through the woods....!

Love the connection with SF City Hall...parents married there. Their first date.

Those are some really awkward camping chairs to sit in while Ben visits with her mom.
Their property and home is pretty amazing...really they didn't have better chairs to sit in?!

About their wine glasses....now I'm all for mason jars for cups.
It's all we use in our home. But I don't dig them on a candlestick as a wine glass.

Oh...so not digging Kasie B's outfit for the date.
Oh no...not the baton!
And, the run, jump/leap...he almost drops her.
the band/baton was awkward and young.

Kasie tells her story of her grandparents and I'm pretty sure all Ben is thinking about is...
this rain is going to mess up my hair.
Oh Kasie's family is a bit uptight.
There really isn't a lot of fun going on.
But at the same time...they are being real.
Real concerns.
Kasie looks just like her mom.
They even talk the same.
I just wish the fam would have been more fun.
Kasie is so much fun.
I think Kasie is really ready to tell her parents off.
Like...hey I don't care anymore about y'alls values and thoughts.
I wanna do what I wanna do
but is holding back because it is on TV.
Ya...she is ready to be the rebellious little bible belt girl.

Now Nicki....we are guaranteed fun!
Crazy shopping spree.
Ben looks ridiculous in those pants.
Love both their boots though.
and Nicki's blouse. Love it!!

Ben's hat hair is even more unflattering.
and ben has a weird licking of his lips before he kisses.
He looks like a monkey when he kisses.

these hometown dates are so boring.
their conversations are boring.
not a lot of different topics covered.

Love Nicki's cute relationship with both her mom and dad.
Nicki might have just moved up on the ladder over Kasie with that hometown date.

Smart move Courtney with the boots and the dress.
They help cover up your calves.
And your apology about the way you handled the girls...
oh you crossed them once, you don't get forgiveness...
right...that is what you told Emily!

oh darnit....I like Courtney's family.
well...at least her dad and sister.

She and her mother are almost the same.
They look alike and talk the same.
This date is going so well...
until Creeper Courtney sets up a wedding scene.

Seriously, they didn't need the pastor there.
It would have been cuter without him and them just roleplay on their own.
She is nervous!

He reponds the exact same way to each girl when they tell him they love her...

Well...they don't need a rehersal night now!

I have no idea who might be going home.
I know it isn't going to be Courtney.
Maybe Lindzi?

I do always like how honest Ben is...and relevant with the situation.
No one gets favorite dress from me this week.
There isn't one that jumps out at me.

I knew Courtney would be first.
Lindzi next. WOW.
Kasie B. needed to tell Ben what she told her sister....
that she is ready to disappoint her parents.

He can't even look at the girls.
WHAT...Kasie B. going home.
I feel sick.
OMGosh I'm shocked.
He better have a good explanation.
She knows her parents were the deal breaker.
What no freakin' explanation BEN. Really?

Rachel just dropped the bomb with that toast!!

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  1. I LOVE reading your recaps... These are the things I think of while watching the show, them I check your blog for validation... hahaha

  2. I so love your recaps....too funny and so very true. I guess great minds think alike :)

  3. Your recaps are always the greatest. I couldn't agree with you more. What is WITH Courtney?? Ugh. I'm sooo ready for the new Bachelorette to start. Ben is b.o.r.i.n.g.

  4. I heard from another Bachelor Re-cap that she stole her vows from a Sex in the City Episode. Ugh!

  5. I was away at a women's getaway so got to watch with 15 dear friends. Now, that was a treat. We all love Kacie B and were ticked off at Ben's stupid reaction to her Dad. Respect, dude! You need to respect her father!

    So, when he didn't choose her, we all were sad for her but also glad. He spared her heart. She's too good for him.

    My view of him has plummeted.

    I vote Lindze for the next Bachelorette after Emily. She's just darling. And another too good for Ben.


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