Random Bit About Me: I love Butter

Thought a random fact about me might be fun.
I love butter.
Not like most people like butter.
For me, it doesn't need to be baked in something or spread on something.
I like a lick of butter.

When I was a kid and would clear off the dinner table
I would always ask my mom for a taste of butter and she would let me.
At least I think she let me. If she didn't, I snuck one anyways.
{And, if one of my kids asked today, I would let them.}

I'd stick my finger in and savor the flavor.
And the crazy thing is...it can be real butter, margarine or my favorite right now....
Smart Balance!

I also remember one of my favorite snacks was a flour tortilla spread with butter and rolled.
If it had butter on it....I loved it.
Oh and those flaky pillsbury dinner rolls....why don't I make those more often.
I'd butter every layer.
When I go out to dinner...I butter both sides of the roll.
Never noticed? Well I try to do it without anyone catching me!

Today, I made waffles. I made sure that butter was in every square.
Then I licked the knife.

Yesterday, I had an english muffin and it wasn't complete until butter was in every nook and cranny.
Spilling over in melted goodness.
Then I licked the knife.

I like butter almost as much as I like whipped cream.
We have shots of whipped cream in our family!
Neither butter nor whipped cream are really considered a food item probably...
but they are some of my favorites in my book.

Do you have a favorite 'non-food' food?

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  1. I used to take a big bite out of the stick of butter that stayed in our fridge. And then put the stick right back in its spot. You can imagine how much that pleased my mother. ;)

  2. Give me a block of cream cheese on a bad day and i'll sing you a hallelujah chorus. My daughter sneaks the butter all the time :)

  3. I thought I was the only one who put butter on a tortillia! mmmm....microwave that bad boy for about 15 seconds...mmmmm....DELISH!!!! I do love me some butter too!

    And Cookie Dough. YUM!

  4. I'm kinda like that with salt. I loooove salt & feel like everything I eat needs it.

  5. How funny. When I was little I HATED butter, margarine, or anything like that. I hated stuffing too So not the case now. Heck, stuffing with butter sounds pretty magical.

  6. Well, this is actually a food but there's a Norwegian food called "lefse" which is kind of like a potato tortilla. You're supposed to stick meat inside but my family always put butter and sugar. MMMM!!! Delicious!

  7. Butter is to me what diamonds are to others..LOVE it..Naughty I know, but oh so yummy..xx

  8. I love butter too!!! I've strayed from straight licks, but with waffles and muffins? Every little crevice gets butter in it. And then I will pour on syrup, cut it up, and THEN lick the knife. Even more heaven.

  9. So funny what you have to say about butter. My favorite snack as a kid (ok, right up there as an adult too!) was butter on plain old saltine crackers. The combo of the salt plus butter - yummmmm.... Then there's buttered popcorn. Pure bliss!

  10. i liked butter ok as a kid...but now its very rare that i have it..or cream..makes me feel a bit sick...BUT....have you heard of vegemite?..its an aussie thing...they brought out cheesybite..its a mixture of cream cheese and vegemite..its the bomb diggity ...yummo ...

  11. My little brother used to wait until my mom turned on the vacuum cleaner, and then he'd go to the fridge and dip his fingers into the butter tub for a good taste. I, too, love butter on EVERYTHING. I, too, butter both sides of every roll, biscuit, etc. that I eat. SO. GOOD. Pancakes? Syrup AND butter. Every time.

  12. Mmmm...butter. Nothing beats the gorgeous, creamy texture of one of the loveliest sins ever created...butter.

  13. So funny! Just today Rob and I went out for breakfast and I asked for a bite of his French toast because I noticed it was dripping with melted butter. Everyone thinks popcorn is my favorite food but it's not, it's just a perfect vehichle for butter.

  14. Sure do: condiments. I love that extra bit of taste on my food. WIthout something, its just too blah:)

  15. Butter is the perfect food. It improves every other food. Vegetables? Better with butter! Fruit? (think cobblers, etc): better with butter! Grains? Butter! Breads? Butter! Baked goods and desserts, even chocolate? Better with butter!

    My guilty food? Mayo. I don't eat it plain, but I do go heavy on the mayo for my sandwiches. I was making sandwiches with a friend one day and she said "Wow, you really like that mayo." Funny thing was, I was being moderate with it that day so as not to embarrass myself. Ha!

  16. I adore butter, so much so that I occasionally make my own. It's really easy if you have a KitchenAid mixer!

  17. Love me some good, REAL butter too - and a loaf of fresh, homeade bread....yum! 3 lbs weight gain and SO enjoyable it's ALMOST worth the tight jeans.

  18. My fave after school snack was a spoonful of butter mixed wtih white sugar. YUM!

  19. I like room temp toast do the butter stays relatively unmelted on top. Mmmmmm!

  20. I'm a serious lover of butter, I hope my arteries are ok:) do you think eating steel cut oats WITH butter cancels out the negative?

  21. Oh April! My dad used to make the BEST tortillas with butter whenever we went to eat at the local Mexican restaurant! Seriously---he would ask for tortillas and then butter (they were so confused at the request for butter) and then he would lather up the tortilla and we would fight for the first one!!! :) Thought we were the only crazy family who did that!

    And like shots of whip cream too as well as lines of cake (that is what Mark says I do because I cut small lines of any kind of cake and eat them bent over the cake plate and I try to hide it from the rest of the world)!!

    Good Times!


  22. Have you tried Earth Balance? Since I can't eat any dairy, I've started using the whipped Earth Balance, and I think it tastes great. I sneak licks all the time, too. :)

  23. I'm a butteraholic too! Love all kinds of butter, Smart Balance, margarine, real butter, butter, butter, BUTTER!!!!!!!

  24. April-

    It was so good to see you Saturday night. You are like a breath of fresh air. You are cracking me up with the butter thing. Jo used to eat butter pats at weddings etc... and I would get so grossed out! Steves' sisters would feed them to her like they were pieces of candy. On a hot biscuit or warm piece of fresh baked bread, oh yea!!

  25. I think you must be secretly British! We love our butter! Do you put butter on your PB&Js? That's something my husband thought was diabolical :)

  26. I LOVE butter too. It has to be real butter and it has to be cold...some people like chips, I like slices of butter...is that bad?

  27. I have a fear that we will run out of butter! We have about 5 pounds of it in the freezer right now! Every time we go to Costco I think to myself if we need butter and my answer is always YES! Crazy maybe but I will never be without butter!

  28. April I love butter with the best of them, and I slather it on thick when we go out to eat and there is bread and butter before me on the table. This is hilarious and reminds me of my friend growing up, her little sister used to hide in the kitchen cuboard and eat the butter off the butter plate! I think she has you beat.


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