Instagram Friday: Our Christmas Break

We have been ice-skating twice with the cousins at our local outdoor ice-skating rink!
This last time, I actually skated and had a blast asking each niece and nephew {even the 15 year old nephew} to take a spin around the rink hand-in-hand with me. It was a cat and mouse chase {literally} around the rink for awhile to win the 15 year old over. Actually, I think he was just tired of me chasing him and finally agreed to one lap hand-in-hand with his crazy Aunt. My sister took pictures...I'll have to get them from her. It was actually hilarious!

This is the only full-length picture I have of our tree this year!
Even with no ornaments I thought it was so pretty.
Maybe next year we will add white lights and handmade ornaments.

Kaia gave all of us a scare at the hospital on New Years Day while we were visiting Dave's mom. She had a heart valve replacement surgery and hopefully Grandma will be coming home from the hospital on Saturday. We were barely there 5 minutes to visit when Kaia went down. She collapsed falling into Dave's arm. While we all thought she probably just passed out, her actions looked more like a seizure {which she had regularly when she was little} so the nurses decided that she HAD to go the ER at Kaiser. We don't have Kaiser. She ended up fine. Hello New Year. Hello deductible met first day of the year....I'm sure. AWESOME.

Well the next day, Blake felt so bad for his sister, he and daddy whipped up breakfast in bed for her as a surprise. So SWEET.

I've joined the movement on Instagram #JanPhotoADay where you take a picture a day based off of the prompt for the day. This day was 'Something You Adore'.
Really there were so many people and things I adored around me...
but I am really smitten with my mason jar soap dispenser with the star in the middle!

And Day 4's prompt was: Your Letterbox.
Those of us in the US wondered what a letterbox might be. We guessed mailbox and I've decided I like letterbox better. I mean getting 'letters' is way better than getting regular 'mail' which usually includes bills. So please, Mr. Postman, only put letters in my letterbox from now on!

Linking up with my friend, Jeannett for InstaFriday!
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We have made changes to our home this past month to make room for babies.
I've decided next week to share those projects....
It will be a three part series....starting Tuesday.

Because these babies are not permanent in our home...
each change has been planned out carefully so when there isn't a baby in our home
it doesn't make our heart break every time we turn around.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Happy Weekend.
This weekend our walls are being painted WHITE.
I'm so excited.

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  1. Your tree is pretty. Did you really not put any decorations or lights on it? Too funny! Hope Grandma is still recovering just fine. And glad to hear that Kaia is fine too. Interesting, I had seizures as a young child and then a few random passing out episodes like Kaia when I was her age! Nothing ever came of it, but I do pass out when I'm super nervous. Yay for mason jars with stars. So neat. I'm loving seeing your #photoaday posts on instagram. Happy weekend & white walls friend!

  2. Can't wait to see the little spaces for the wee ones. Enjoy this oh, so sweet time with them. You'll be even better for it.

  3. YOur "letterbox" is adorable! And yes, that'd be so scary with Kaia.
    We are recovering from a fire here on Wed. night. Waiting for the insurance company to assess the main problem which is smoke damage. Awesome in an old home.UGH. But at least we're safe. We came home from church to everyone and their mother inside my home. It was terrifying.

  4. Great pics! Love the white tree :) Good luck with the changes in your home :)

  5. that white tree is INSANE. love the small spaces segment idea...

  6. Letterbox? Awesome. That is my new word. I am so glad that Kaia is okay. That must have been scary. Yay for painting. We are slowly working our way up to painting our first room.

  7. Hi!
    Just started following you!Your Christmas sounded like it was fun!
    Have a great day~ oh and I love the items in your shop!


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