I'm Fired:: This + That Friday.

Dave fires me regularly...sometimes daily.
This week I didn't get anything done that I had planned.
I don't always get the construction business work done in a timely manner.
So he fires me...in the afternoon.
I always ask him to fire me around 10 am so I have the rest of the day off!

I'm so fired this week with regard to blogging.
I've missed it.
I go to bed each night wanting to post...but am so tired.
Didn't get pictures taken, didn't get projects completed, didn't have time to write
and express all my thoughts.

We've had three sick kids.
The littlest has me sleeping in a hospital bed by his side
as he gets help getting over a winter cold.
I keep calling the hospital a 'hotel'.
I am getting to order breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed!
But not staying in bed. That would drive me crazy.
Pretty much I've been cuddling a sick little guy
and loving the company of a few visitors.

My SMALL Spaces series needed to get pushed back a week.
I came up with a few more projects.
Now I'm trying to decide what the hospital would think if I brought my sewing machine in!
So let's keep our fingers crossed for that little series running next week.

I had a dream last night that we were saying good-bye to our sweet babies.
They were leaving our home.
I was crying in my dream and trying to blog my feelings.
It was impossible.

Our interior walls have been painted all white! I love it.
We were out of town last weekend for a volleyball tournament,
so I coordinated with our painters from our construction company
to come in and paint while we were gone.
That was the best money ever spent. Plus they gave us a smokin' deal.
House was pretty much done and put back together before we got home!

That just prompted more changes I want to make.
Mostly in curtains and furniture slipcovers.
Pictures coming next week.
With regular blogging.
Thanks for being patient with me!
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  1. You're forgiven :) Hope your little guy gets better soon!

  2. Bless your heart...you have your hands full right now. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon. Hang in there!

  3. hope your little one is better soon! you HAVE had your hands full with two little ones around:) super mom!!

  4. No apologies needed. What you HAVE been doing is way more important than blogging! I'm in a similar spot with a newborn. I'm lucky to get a shower and see my other 7 at-home kids face-to-face once each day. Pretty low-maintenance. As it should be I guess. Patience! With ourselves, and the situations.

  5. Forgiven. Remember...It will be later soon.

  6. I promise you, that us readers understand. You have two new littles to take care of. Honestly? I'm not sure how you are finding the time to do all you do! You are amazing.

    P.S. thanks for your Inst comment, it made me happy. and you are at the tippy top of the list of blog friends I WILL meet someday :)

  7. I just posted a comment, but it didn't show up. Hmmm, not sure why?

    ok, I'll try again.

    no need to apologize to us readers who understand. I mean, you have two new littles to care for, and I don't know how you do it!

    P.S. thanks for your Insta comment, it made me happy. And you are at the tippy top of my list of blog friends I WILL meet someday :)

  8. I'm sorry your little guy has been so sick. I hope he is all better very soon.

    Can I just tell you {again} how much I love your blog? I'm not always a good commenter, but I always read and what I love most is how absolutely real you are. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life with so many!

  9. oh..my son was in hospital with airways issues so often they called us frequent flyers..not so fun...and its tiring...my thoughts go out to you..your week sounds like my every week...minus the dudes that.paint my house...lol...hope this coming week is kinder to you...xxx


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