Christmas Re-Cap in One Picture!

It was a simpler Christmas.
And, it was perfect!

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  1. It looks a lot like our Christmas :) I managed to get our tree up with lights and tinsel but then got sick. My girls made crafts and hung them instead. One of my favorite trees! Happy New Year!

  2. How did you make that awesome picture collage??
    Sometimes simple is so much better. Happy New Year!

  3. Great pic and I love the paper with the tree - so beautiful!

  4. Looks beautiful to me! Happy New Year!

  5. Simple is the new Savvy! Absolutely perfect! I am hoping for more simple this year too...all year!

  6. It may be simple, ours was, but the gifts you are giving the children go way beyond anything money can buy. The love, and caring for them is their gift that will last a lifetime.


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