The Bachelor: Recap Episode 1

I'll admit, I'm not excited about Ben.
I didn't think he was that great.
He was nice and all...but not too cute.
At least in my book.

Wow.....where did those muscles come from.
And all the different outfits just in the first 5 minutes.
Let's see all the different looks of Ben.
Casual, dressy, shorts and flip flops, plaid shirt and boots.

Maybe he will grow on me.

Amber aka Cow Balls girl....you just earned that nickname. Really?
Didn't your mom teach you about first impressions?
Hmmm... Courtney, Santa Monica girl, model and not worried about the other girls.
She is going to score big points with the girls right off the bat.
We shall see.
Lyndsie aka International girl...you are CRAZY.
Loved Jenna's ombre hair color. Go Blogger girl!

Dave thinks these girls are a train wreck all ready.
Dave isn't a fan of his hair. Glad I'm not alone.

Just fast forwarded thru Ben's interview....let's get to the goods.
Erika not only was your joke lame...but your gun click click with your hand was awkward.

Rose, Baconator...what other cheesiness is in store for Ben.
Elyse is hot...I'm pretty sure Ben is NOT her type and that was a fake 'so glad it's you.'
Jenna....stick to blogging. You are funny though...'I should just die.'
Disease girl.....strange approach to the first kiss. Made me laugh.
Pageant Girl...stop talking.
Cow Balls...that was a cute walk around with a second change at love at first sight!
I like that Ben has totally relaxed.
And loved his brunette comment.
He might be my most favorite so far at the introductions just because he is relaxed.
Oh NO....grandma!
Brittany....that was cute and Ben loves Grandmas!!
I guess his last name is why he is so relaxed.
He is from Sonoma...just 20 minutes from us.
His mom has been my children's substitute teacher and her little jig is
"Don't Panic....it's Mrs. Flanick!"

International Girl...pointing out your cute dimple...but referring to it as
Your Butt Chin Dimple...not so good.

Bold Move Girl...who just walked right past Ben.
Shawn's slug on the arm...that came out of left field.

Ben is really loving the brunettes. His face lights us each time one gets out of the limo.
Oh Courtney...I thought other girls didn't bother you...then you come out with...
"screw the girl who rode in on a horse" I sense jealousy.

I forgot how much fun these re-caps were to write...
even if it means setting down Little Mister during our nightly cuddle time
with his floppy sleepy body usually on my shoulder...cheek close to my lips
to watch and type while I watch the Bachelor!
and just so you know...I just glanced back at little mister and he is adorable.
Way cuter than Ben.
Oh and I'm sitting here eating Lemon Cookie ice cream while I type.
It's the best treat.
Ok...back to the re-cap.

Rachel 'Rose' left her job...no pressure Ben. That was funny.
Nicki...you have no idea...you are a brunette..he liked you from the start.
Wow...Grandma is honest. 'Yes you have competition.' Ouch.
Ok Brittany...time to drop Grandma...you missing out on your one-on-one time.
Now Grandma is stealing one-on-one time with asking Ben to walk her to the car!
The producers are playing Grandma getting into the car like the first girl he says good-bye to.
Too funny.

Hey...where did Bold Move Girl to. So far...Ben has sought after her.
Disease Girl...you are officially crazy. You are NOT gansta.
Ben you are really NOT gansta...with your impression of Emily.
OK...Ben is a cute dork.
He is definitely growing on me.

Jenna...Blogger girl...it is DAY ONE. She is there to meet Ben.
Not stalk him!
Oh no wait....
Monica...are you here for Ben or for other girls.
I'm confused.
I'm surprised Blakely isn't freaking out right now.
I'm confused right now.
Monica just went from cool and collected to weird.
And then the roles reversed and Jenna turned crazy too.
Jenna's just had a little too much to drink.
Jenna FYI...you are a HOT MESS.

And a dirty blond gets the first impression rose...
and not for the horse.
I love that he explained that.

I can't look at International Girl now without seeing a Butt Face.
Not just the dimple. Bummer.

And the roses go to:
Brunettes: 8
Blondes: 8
Red: 1

I'm pretty sure I just saw Monica's rose down her cleavage in her dress.
Who's not classy?!

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  1. haha! love the recap, not totally lovin' Ben either yet...maybe it's the hair? BUT I still can't stop watching! love it:)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I always love your re caps....Yeah ben is definitely NOt my favorite bachelor...I'm hoping he'll gain more personality by next episode...he's a little snoozy! Looks like a lot of crying this year...and a mystery girl? hmmm....Jeanna definitely a little nutty...or drunk or both...makes me want to totally read her blog.....and Monica...scared me...with her laugh...and stalking Blakely...ew.....

  4. I wasn't going to watch this season, because I didn't care for Ben. At. All. But...these girls are just too much!! Jenna is going to have a nervous breakdown and Monica is going to laugh watching it. Smooth move producers, having him choose those two last. Did Bold Move Girl make it? I never did catch her name to notice! Almost as bad as the man with the mask last season...but I liked how they used him at the ends of each show. Too funny. Maybe they can let Bold Move girl walk right by each set at the end of the show this time. aack! Looks like Ben is going to fall hard...and maybe someone stands him up? Can't wait to see!

  5. Now what is wrong with a plain 'ol nice guy as the Bachelor? I like Ben and I think a girl would be pretty lucky to have him. He would make a great husband it seems to me :)

    Seriously, do the producers MAKE them keep the weirdos/drama people around for a little while?

  6. Hmmm...we should be watching this sitting right next to eachother on the couch. Can't tell you how many times I had to pause it to talk about whatever disaster was going on. I had to turn my eyes away...several times. Ben has GOT to fix that nasty, parted down the middle, 3 inches too long hair. I think I agree with your thoughts on every single girl. Love the redhead. Hope to see more of her. I kindof laughed a lot at the previews for the season. I am going to LOVE this.

  7. I bet the producers let him pick 12 or so of the 15 girls, then by contract they get to pick the rest. Can't say it's a bad thing though. Next week is going to be CRAZY!

  8. Holy moly this was my favorite first night, and it had nothing to do with Ben! LOL Monica is just playing games I think, except Blakely didn't fall for it and get all weird. Probably threw Monica for a loop! Ben still drives me crazy because he is so.....bland. At least so far.

  9. I mean, did he not have time to get a decent hair cut in the off season? I think he has cute potential, but not with that shaggy 'do. That Jenna chick was SO unbelievably insecure and awkward. Did she really cry on the FIRST night? I mean, really. Should be interesting...

  10. I hate Ben's hair too!

    I think Jenna wants to be Carrie from "Sex and the City," but her anxiety is taking over. Poor thing.

    Love the previews -- "Who IS that girl?????"


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