Bachelor Re-Cap

Thoughts on last weeks episode....

Conversation with Rachel on date was painful.
So surprised she got a rose...but then who else would he have kept.

Courtney is just plain evil with her pointy top lip and disappearing bottom lip.
She totally played the 'I'm not feeling it anymore' card to get that rose and that will kill Ben when he watches the show. It was so obvious. That girl has game.
She is there just to 'WIN' and her 'winning' word makes me want to puke.

Kasie B. is still my favorite. I think that is how you spell her name!

Sending the blond chick home (both blond chicks actually) was the right thing to do.
But poor Samantha, she didn't see that coming mid group date.

And cute red headed Jennifer. Loved their date.

{Shut up Courtney...we don't care that you were just in Puerto Rico.}

Onto this episode....

Emily really is a sweetheart. So genuine with the other girls and their excitement.
Nicki is a cutie and 'latin swagger' hahahaha!

The baseball game was fun. But I'm feeling this episode is a little boring.

Seriously suggesting skinny dipping to a guy.
He's not going to be able to get that out of his mind.
I'm telling ya...Courtney's got some serious game play.

Elyse has a smokin' body. I could use a personal trainer too!
Courtney just isn't as funny as Michelle Money though.

Poor Elyse. She wants to know what she did wrong.
It was just timing girlfriend. One on one date too late.

And now Courtney is going to make her move...
and Ben, without knowing it, will shoot himself in the foot with all the other girls with no idea.

She is trashy. Nothing subtle about opening her robe a little while chatting.

And she didn't tell all the girls. That is even more shocking.
What Jaime over Jennifer.
I'm confused.
I'm not sure I even know who Jaime is!

Loved the previews for next week.
And the chocolate bath...
no wonder it was an out-take and didn't make the show.
Awkward and wrong.

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  1. Yes, there's still one girl I swear I've never seen before. So odd.

    And Courtney ... she's a train wreck. I'm looking forward to "Women Tell All" just to see how they all react now that they know what she did!

  2. Yes, Courtney reminds me of Michelle from last season. So bad. Ben is Courtney's puppet and it is so sad. Sadder than those girls leaving. I hope he sees how manipulative this "winning" chick is while he watches each episode. Poor Casey -- she was my favorite and now none of these girls have a chance. Season over...now bring on Emily for the Bachelorette!!!

  3. After watching last night, I am not sold on the fact that Ben is a decent guy. He seemed a bit arrogant and bored with the other girls. Ick. Courtney.

  4. A few girlfriends and I do a "reply to all" email string on Monday nights. How very 1993 of us?

    Anyway, every single person said they had no clue who Jamie was!

  5. A few girlfriends and I do a "reply to all" email string on Monday nights. How very 1993 of us?

    Anyway, every single person said they had no clue who Jamie was!

  6. "Awkward and wrong" describe how I feel about this show BUT I love, love, love catching up with your recaps because they are so funny! XO, Jess

  7. Winning...winning. She needs to be gone. Yesterday.


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