Bachelor Re-Cap :: Episode 2 + 3

Episode 2

Check out Ben with short hair in his childhood pictures.
WAY better than long-haired Ben.

Kasie B. is adorable.
We were just there on Sonoma Square where Ben drives Kasie up for their date.
I bought my diaper bag at Half Pint. Just a few shops down from the theater!
K...she is super adorbs!

And to re-cap the rest of the show:
Model Girl Courtney makes me want to scream.
Jenna needs to stick to blogging.
She has a had time speaking or maybe she just earned herself theme song...
'blame it on the a..a.a..a..a.a..alcohol'!
And Blakeley....you take the cake with your outfit.
What the hell was she wearing?
That seersucker striped romper was so 37 years ago...when I was 3 years old!

Loved that when the kids were interviewed about her...
the girl did NOT like her at all and the boy....he liked her!

Eposide 3

It's so fun they are in our stomping ground....Sonoma, San Francisco!
I loved the recap of the girls with his sister, Julie. What a cutie she is.

Well Emily is cute. Loved their dinner time conversation.
So casual and easy.
And, I loved what he said about one of the reasons why his dad loved his mom.

I'm pretty sure I would never feel comfortable in a bikini and ski boots.
Kasie B. had me laughing out loud.
She was hilarious skiing and hello...she has a rockin' body.

So my favorites so far...
Kasie B., Jennifer, Lyndzi and Emily

Am I forgetting anyone?!
Hmm...I'm pretty sure Blakeley is on this date...
but I haven't seen her yet.
Rachel has a fun deep voice.

Crazy that Brittani is leaving.
But kudos to her for being so mature about it.
I forgot that she was the 'grandma' girl!
Grandma is going to be so so sad.

Oh there's Blakeley. Feathers, boobs, feathers, corset...oh my.

I love that Lyndzi is being such a good sport about going on the date.
So impressed...because it could have gone the other way.
Lyndz is gorgeous.

They dance so cute together
Is Ben's longer hair growing on me?
I'm not sure.
I see him at times as so cute.
Maybe it is just him with Lyndzi.
They look perfect together.

Who is the stalker chick coming in to ruin the party?

And best kisser goes to: Jennifer!
And I love that she is so private about her interactions with him.
This is going to be a good season.
Ben is going to be in trouble.
He really is making some strong connections early on....
with multiple girls.

Oh sounds like there is history with Ben or he wouldn't have smiled and sworn when he saw Shawntel! And the girls' reactions....hilarious.
Wow....the jealousy.
She rocked those girls' world.
And their lack of confidence and security is shocking.

This should be the MOST shocking rose ceremony EVER.
{said in my best announcer voice}

Courtney for acting so mature...
you really are very immature....
your one on one time was silly in a childish way
and the 'what's her butt' comment was ridiculous.

And FYI girls....Shawntel is a brunette....she had him at hello!
This rose ceremony went all wrong.
It's a train wreck and Courtney...
you are so no classy....more like trashy.
And oh Shawntel....what a bummer.

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  1. I love that you do this! sometimes I miss the show and have to watch it online...I have no problem admitting this is my favorite show on TV! hehe:)

  2. Just watched monday's Tonight. I am completely convinced that each and every one of these girls is emotionally unstable. I am not even a Ben fan, but for some reason keep watching LOL

  3. I didn't read the title of this post and was thinking what is she talking about? Who are all these people?

  4. Shawntel came across as desperate to me. The girls were awful to her and about her, no doubt, but when will girls learn that guys will chase you if they want you????? They won't go sign up to be the bachelor if he felt such a strong connection!!!!


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