What We Wore on Christmas Day!

It's Wednesday!
Although while on vacation it really doesn't matter what day it is.
They all feel the same....and we are loving the laziness.

Dave and kids got me a new dress for one of my Christmas presents
and I promptly put it on and wore it to church on Sunday.

It's a tad shorter than I usually wear,
but thankfully Kaia knew to pick up some dark thick tights to go with it.
I love that it has sleeves!

Navy Blue dotted dress + charcoal tights - GAP Outlet
Brown cap sleeve cami - ModBod
Boots - Steven Madden Nordstrom
Belt - Thrifted

All Kaia wanted for Christmas was a denim jacket and black skinny jeans.
My mom and I had to search high and low for it in her size and she was giddy when she opened it up on Christmas Eve at my parent's house.
She's dressing a little edgy lately and I'm loving that she is showing confidence in her own style.

Denim Jacket - American Eagle
Coral Dotted Blouse - Studio 12 Boutique {local}
Skirt - Stacy Lynn
Tights - Forever 21
Steve Madden Booties - {mine} Nordstrom

I do love that we wear the same size shoes now....but on Christmas Eve her 'calling' boots and cream tights for Christmas Day....not so much. I guess I have to 'call' what I'm wearing now the next day in order to have first right to MY items!!

Linking up with Lindsey from The Pleated Poppy for accountability to get out of jammies each day and for fashion inspiration!

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  1. Love your new dress! Your family has good taste!! :) And your daughter is darling... how fun to get to swap clothes now.

  2. Your new dress is adorable! Super kudos to your husband and cute daughter for having such great taste!!

    My 12 year old and I now share the same shoe size and I also feel like I have to "call" when I get to wear my shoes. Just yesterday I went to put on my favorite black flats and realized she had snagged them and worn them to her friend's house. ;)

  3. That dress is adorable! I've been searching for one just like it :)

  4. Well, think of it this way: her "calling" your stuff means that she likes your style. How many of us could've said that as kids? :)
    Love your new dress and tights:)

  5. You are both so cute! Your dress is the perfect length, I think. Very flattering with the tights and boots.

  6. Love the dress! And your daughter looks so cute...makes me smile to see a young girl owning her style like that. :)

  7. Love it! You both look adorable :) I
    need a Stacy Lynn skirt SO bad!!

  8. Love both of your outfits!!!!

    - Emily @ twogirlstwofriends

  9. You both look so lovely!

    So lucky that there are two of you wearing the same size shoe! Double the pleasure.

  10. LOVE your new dress. Gorgeous. How fun that you two can share shoes. That's so cool!

  11. You looked smashing (say it with a British accent because that sounds even better)! I double heart your new dress and the total look is great. I laughed out loud at having to call your own items!! But I think that is so cool too!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your break!!!

  12. the both of you girls look adorable! as always!! love your style:)

  13. So cute AND Kaia is more beautiful every time you post a pic. Love that style....hummmm wonder where she gets it? ;)

  14. Absolutely adorable outfits. My oldest daughter is a little fashionista and will def. appreciate your daughters outfit. I'm going to have to show her.

    Happy New Year!


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