Hello Urban Barn!

I'm thinking I'll just continue this whole week with Hello's.
While we were down south at The Queen Bee Market last month
we took a little trip to Escondido for a private shopping appointment at

A couple different vendors at the market told Dave and I that we HAD to go.
They were closed, but I called the owner and she was at the 'barn' and told us to come shop!

I tweeted at one point that I thought I was surely in Heaven,.
The antiques, the creativity, the silverware chandelier!

The tree farm, the vintage Santa and creative advent calendar with burlap bags.
Urban Barn and their vendors were all decked out for Christmas!

Vintage lace ruffles and crinoline. So pretty!

There was even a little vintage surf corner for Dave.
We took home a few of those surf trophies for Blake's new room makeover.
I had been searching everywhere for them.

This big boy was calling my name. Seriously we hemmed and hawed for awhile over this one.
Instead I decided to take a picture so it wouldn't just be added to the side of our house!
You are welcome, hunny.

We sat and chatted with one of the owners, Linda, and seriously I feel like I could call her a friend.
I look forward to going again the next time we are there and hanging out for awhile.
What a sweet sweet lady with an amazing eye.
I like her.
I love Urban Barn!

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  1. OH GARSH! I think I could LIVE in that barn! So many lovely things to look at! Wish I lived closer so I could go! We did find some local treasures this weekend. I love a good hunt!

  2. Oh what fun....it is to browse at the Urban Barn! hey!!! Love it...

  3. awe such darling stuff! can't wait till the next one, I'll be there no matter what! your pics make me wanna shop:)

  4. Just stop it with all that awesomeness!! Heaven!

  5. Urban Barn does look like a dreamy place to visit...how fun! BTW, Love your purse in that last picture. :-)

  6. This post is chock full of eye candy. First the barn, then THAT BAG! OMW! Lovin it!


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