Hello, Handmade Holiday Market!

A few of my friends are getting together at my house for our very first
'Handmade Holiday Market'
tomorrow, Saturday December 10th!
We'd love to see our local friends and customers stop by to shop
or visit and eat some yummy treats.
Here are the details!

{thank you katherine for making this cute flyer!}

Update on babies:
Today I wanted to cry.
Today I did cry.
And today I loved on both of them like nobodys business.

And in the middle of the night when I got up with the littlest one there was a note from him thanking me for taking care of  him! Have I mentioned how sweet and supportive my husband is?
Well he has been absolutely amazing on this journey. We are definitely in it together!

Happy Friday.
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  1. God bless Dave. That's awesome!!!! What an amazing gift to have him by your side! And those babies...they are lucky to have a loving family to care for them.

    Let the tears flow momma. It's normal!

  2. Awww...that is so so sweet.I need to pin a note to Ella for when Aaron gets up with her. I was thinking today how blessed those babies are to have you guys. They are so very blessed. And so are you...nothing better than a baby (or two)to cuddle at Christmas time! xo

  3. Oh MAN! I need to book a flight to Napa. ;) Wish I could be there at your holiday market. I'm so proud of you for welcoming those two tiny babies into your home. You are amazing!

  4. What an amazing blessing you and Dave are to those sweet babies. My hubby and I have been awaiting an adoption via the Texas foster care system for 5 months now. We had to go through probably the similar trainings that you guys did. We've focused on a little bit older kiddos (primarily sibling groups) and so far, nothing has come to fruition. Our adoption counselor told us recently that she thinks we should consider fostering a baby and see if that might work out for us. So, what I'm getting at here is I'm intrigued with you and Dave's decision to foster. You have motivated (and inspired) me to reconsider the idea. :-)

    Much love (and many prayers) to you my friend. Hug and love on those precious babies while you have them!!!

    You rock! :-)

  5. awe how totally sweet of your hubby to leave that note! You guys are incredible for being parents to these babies, two at once! they are so lucky:)

  6. AAAWWWWW, that Dave is AWESOME! I promise it gets easier...it's crazy trying to adjust to them and get them adjusted to you. Plus whatever else their poor little bodies are dealing with....it's rough at first!

    Big hugs!


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