Hello Down East Basics!

Hello, Down East Basics Skirt!
Thank you for the darling skirt.
Watch for the giveaway next week!

Skirt: Down East Basics - Giveaway next week!
Blouse - Anthropologie already in my closet
Tights - Forever 21 in my closet
Boots - Steven Madden from Nordstrom
Uncle Buck Necklace from my shop.

Ice-Skating for Family Night with my side of the family!

Jacket - RipCurl in San Clemente
Sweater - Boutique in Huntington Beach
Jeggings - Standard + Practice Nordstrom
Boots - Old Nine West Outlet
Cute Cute Hat - Blue Corduroy

So better late than never huh?! Linking up with Lindsey from Pleated Poppy for inspiration.
And boy am I needing it more than ever right now. Getting dressed with two babies in our home is a chore right now....oh but they are both so sweet.

Our sweet 1 year old foster girl is adjusting. First day was tough, today was better. Sweet baby boy is still a dream baby. Both are getting tons of kisses and loves.

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  1. Love the skirt too and you accessorized it perfectly! Great boots! Thinking of you with two new babies! I really admire you both for taking this on! God bless you!

  2. LOVE THAT RED SKIRT!!!!!!! I'll be back for the give-away!

    Glad the new kiddo's are adjusting well!


  3. YES- it is a cute cute hat!!!!

    I was drooling over all the holiday looks put together in the latest DEB catalogue I got!!

  4. Love your skirt in the first shirt, and your hat in the second!

    Praying for you guys - it is so awesome how you're helping those babies! xoxox!


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