Dear December!

Dear December!
I have big plans for you.

{my booth from Queen Bee Market}

Starting off with talking my family into using this white tree for our Christmas tree this year.
It is already purchased and I think it would look so pretty in our home!
{I will make you a bigger tree skirt though...I promise.}

We always buy a silver tip tree but this year I'd like to save the $100 and put that towards gifts instead.
The kids are getting bigger and so are the items on their wish list.
I think I have them all on board for fake and white!

*  *  *  *  *  *

I also am planning a small handmade market/open house in my home on Dec. 9th & 10th.
If you are local {Napa Valley area}....mark your calendars.
If you are local and have handmade items to sell....contact me!
More details to come soon.

*  *  *  *  *  *

I'd love to have all my shopping done AND gifts wrapped earlier in your month than later.
No wrapping on Christmas Eve for me this year!

*  *  *  *  *  *

I plan on listening to this CD all month.
Actually we started earlier last week.
Mindy's voice is so soothing and sweet.
Plus we saw her in concert and actually our whole family got to meet her!
She purchased a few of my chalkboard tabletop frames to use when selling her CDs at her concerts.
She is as sweet as her voice is!

*  *  *  *  *  *

And one more thing, December....
please don't go by too fast.
I want to enjoy all of you.
The cookie exchanges, the carolling, the gift giving and service giving,
 the kids' musical performances, the candy, the lights
and the thoughts of our Savior and his birth.

Welcome, December.
Do you have big plans for December too?

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  1. Your booth looks super inviting, wish I was closer;)
    I hope december slows down enough for all of us to get through our "plans" and to have time left to enjoy!!

  2. Me too....wish I lived closer and could come see your booth! I love the white Christmas tree. I'm so happy December is finally here and I agree, let's pray it goes by as slow as possible. I love, love, love the Christmas season! I'm going to have to grab me a copy of Mindy's new CD, everyone keeps talking about how beautiful it is.

    Happy Holidays to you and your dear family, April...

  3. i have big plans for december :)
    and im excited ill be home for your open house/trunk show- my mom and i will have to come by!

  4. We opted out of a real tree this year (first time ever!) and went with a white fake pre-lit tree. I. LOVE. IT!!! You definitely need to do it :) It's so dreamy!

  5. so sorry I missed the QBM! Your booth looks adorable! I can't believe December is here!! the countdown begins!!

  6. Can't wait for the open house!!

    Don't know if you are interested but I have vintage carnival glass and jewelry for sale. asherman31@hotmail.com

    Anyhoooo, my boys are very excited and I LOVE to hear them singing christmas carols.

    Also for some serious baking too!

  7. Your booth is a-dor-able. I would flock to it like a moth to a flame.


    Hmmm. Maybe the Queen Bee Market is a good idea for a Mama-only vacation the next time it rolls around. Flying from the South to CA to shop sounds totally acceptable (ignoring what my bank account says).

  9. Such a lovely post April! Wish i lived closer I closer, would love to come to your hand made market! Thanks for the reminder to 'enjoy' all of what December has to offer!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your booth set up! It's fantastic! Thanks for sharing!!!

    I also am thrilled you shared the tunes....off to check that out. XO

    Have a fabulous weekend my sweet friend!

  11. I love your booth! What a perfect set-up for all of your goods!
    I am sad I missed it. I was totally and completely disappointed.


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