Hello Baby.

The official call came in Thursday.
We gathered supplies.
Sweet friends gathered supplies.
We prepared our home...
for a baby.
Our first foster baby.

As we walked down the hospital corridor to meet and pick up the little fella
{all of 8 pounds something}
the nurse turned to us and asked,
'have you seen him yet?'
We all replied anxiously, 'no!'
To which she responded, with a smile so big,
'well he is sooooo cute!'

And he was. Is.
And so good. And content.
We fed him in the hospital, asked a ton of questions from the nurse,
learned all we needed to know about him,
and then did what any other normal family
with a newborn would do....
we went to IKEA!

I wish I could tell you more about him.
That I could show you all the sweet pictures I have captured of him...
like the one of his sweet head cradled in his arms laying on Blake's chest, but I can't.
Trust me when I say that he has stolen our hearts already.
We are loving on him.

And on Tuesday, we will add one more baby.
His sibling, actually the first call that came in for the placement.
A one year old. A girl that we could NOT say no to.
She needs us. She needs our 'special needs' knowledge
and I'm pretty sure her and Blake are going to have a special connection.
They were born with the same diagnosis.
And with that call it was instantly confirmed that this journey to foster care
had a bigger purpose than we were planning.
It was God's hand directing us on this journey.

On Tuesday, we will have two sweet children that will be in our home for awhile,
but, I'm sure, in our hearts forever!

*  *  *  *  *  *

And we want to share a special opportunity with you.
Want to help us help our foster babies and other foster babies in our community?

Do you have a handmade shop that sells baby items
or want to purchase something from a handmade shop for a baby/toddler?

It is our wish to give our babies something special from our home.
Something we can send off with them to remember their time here with us.
And we would love to help promote handmade shops supporting foster care and foster children.

In exchange for a donated handmade item for a foster baby/child,
we will offer your handmade shop or the handmade shop that you purchase from
some real estate {a logo and link to shop} on our sidebar we are calling....

We think this little 'partnership' is a wonderful opportunity.
An opportunity to provide these sweet foster children with handmade items
made with love and also help promote the handmade community
 doing something good for a child in need.

If interested, please email davenapril(at)aol(dot)com
and please put 'fostering love' in the subject matter line.

Now I'm off to go empty our hall closet.
Part of it will be turned into a diaper changing table/station.
We've got to get creative in our small space.
I'll take before and after pictures.

Hello Baby/Babies this week.

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  1. oh..what a wonderful post...thankyou...i will do it one day...and i too am an expert in several medical conditions which i never thought of as being a gift to a child in need...my time will come i know....xxx

  2. You made my day. I hope you will keep us informed of your journey with your new little loves. Thank you for opening up your hearts and home to these special little loves. God will be blessing your socks off!

  3. That is so amazing. I am excited for your family. What an incredible journey. Good luck to you. Try not to fall completely in love. :)

  4. squeal! I am so excited for yall! What a blessing to those babies yall will be.

    Praying for you!!!


  5. Oh April! This is simply amazing! I thought of you all weekend! What an amazing gift you are giving to this baby boy and next his sister. How incredible. I can't even imagine. God is going to bless you beyond your wildest dreams for your ministry to these children. What a testimony for your own children to learn how to serve others! Amazing. I tweeted you a few times this weekend but never heard back. Assume its because you don't follow me...but i'm @annie_loo if you want to follow. I'd love to chat back and forth! Anyways, best of luck. I am so happy for you all! You're in my prayers!!!!!!

  6. This post has brought a smile on my face from ear to ear! What a blessing for these sweet children to be in your home.

  7. That is wonderful news! Enjoy your time with those two sweet babies. You are such a gracious person to take on not one but two foster children. :)

  8. Your posts always impress and touch my heart, but this is out of this world amazing. These two little loves are getting a great start in this world by being welcomed into your home. Congratulations Kennedy Family...You ALL rock!~The McCaffrey's

  9. Oh, April, what a sweet gift to these darling littles!

  10. Congrats!!!!
    Can't wait to hear all about it!

  11. Oh April! You have always been one of my role models. I am so grateful that I have your example in my life! :)

  12. I'm so happy and proud of you and your family, April!

  13. what a wonderful thing you are doing for these babies!! you're an angel:)

  14. Such an amazing thing you and your family are doing! Hope you enjoy every minute of it!

  15. Love this April! Did you see my post today? We are going to start foster to adopt in Jan.
    Also, email me your address. I would love to send you some stuff for the sweet babies!

  16. You are such a great example of love and enthusiasm!
    Good luck with your little ones. What a great opportunity to be able have a foster child with the same diagnosis as Blake. Really. Your entire family is wonderful!

  17. What a blessing your family is to those sweet babies! So excited and so awesome about the spina bifida connection!

  18. I think your family is doing an incredibly selfless thing by taking in these sweet babies.
    My best friend adopted a little boy from the foster care system in our state two years ago. One of the hardest things for her (and him) is not having pictures of him as a baby like she does for her two other kids. I think the pictures you are taking are an invaluable gift!

  19. You are beyond wonderful and amazing. Many blessings to you all...

  20. that is so wonderful! :) all the best for you and your family.

    this warmed my heart!

  21. I'm typing with a HUGE lump in my throat!! What an amazing blessing for all of you!! Wish we too could see pictures, but I can only imagine all the love in them :)

  22. my heart is so happy for you and your family...and for those little ones!!

  23. Oh no. You've gone and done something I've thought often and hard about doing myself. I have to wait for my family to get in a position to consider it...but oh it's there. And your stories will be wonderful heart fillers in the meantime. What a breathtaking journey you've started.

  24. Just playing catch up...not one but two babies!!! You guys are certifiably insane. But if anyone can do it, it is The Kennedys. Love you and miss you!


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