Dear December....again.

{this was the extent of our holiday decor inside...except for the white tree with no ornaments!}

On December 1st I posted this letter to my blog.
Oh I had big plans for you.
Most of which were materialistic in nature.
Being ready on time, wrapping presents early, enjoying cookie exchanges and carolling.

Then December 2nd happened and we picked up 'little mister' from the hospital.
Then our world was turned upside down with 'little missy' a spirited and active one year old on December 6th. And gift wrapping, decorating and baking for cookie exchanges went out the window.

What did happen....
well the carolling {and it was epic this year....think carolling thru shopping centers to last minute shoppers....so fun} and the cookie exchange happened, but I didn't make cookies.
I bought super delicious large Fluffer Nutters from Bouchon Bakery.
I figured if I brought store bought...they better be the best.

But want to know what happened without anyone knowing....
a sweet friend had been preparing for me for the cookie exchange without me knowing.
After the exchange was complete, she later leaned over and whispered to me that she had an additional 3 dozen cookies of a different kind in her bag to bring out just in case I hadn't had time to bake so that I could participate in the cookie exchange. I wanted to cry. She had baked 6 dozen cookies {two different varieties} to cover for me. I was so touched and so gently reminded of the real purpose and happenings that should take place in December.

Today is December 29th and, December, you are almost gone.
You didn't go as I planned for you to go. You went much better.
Faster than I could have hoped for or imagined, but this month you changed us in a way we could have never expected. Our whole family has been touched by these two very special gifts.
These children that have entered into our home and created a beautiful chaos.

On December 10th, I wanted to whisper into Little Mister's and Little Missy's ears...
"I Love You"
I withheld, not knowing if I should feel such feelings,
express such thoughts, or admit that I had fallen in love completely with two children that weren't my own.
It was a 'rule' I had set for myself. To not say those words.

On December 11th I broke that rule and have been telling them 'I love you' everyday since.

2012 I'm sure has big plans for us.I'm not going to write the letter telling 2012 what we have in store for her.
Instead I think we will let it play out exactly how our Heavenly Father has it planned for us.

I do know it will include a few major surgeries. One for Blake and one for Little Missy...
and probably a heartbreaking 'good-bye' to two sweet children we have welcomed into our home and are loving on every minute we can while they are here with us.
The rest...we will just have to wait and see.

Happy New Year friends.
Thank you so much for all your love and support!

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  1. I'm glad you're loving them & telling them so.

  2. I'm so glad you're telling them that you love them - they love you too, you know! What a magical December you've had.

  3. How lucky are those two little kiddos-- to have someone love them without asking for anything in return is the best kind of love around. They will thrive because they've felt that love. You are inspiring :)

  4. I think it is amazing you are telling them you love them, as I am sure you do with all your heart. Those two little ones probably need to hear it even more than your own. Even if you are only in their lives for a short time, at least that time was filled with love - probably the greatest gift you can give them! And I am sure they are loving you right back. :)

  5. So precious, thanks for sharing with us! I'm sure your actions are showing them they are loved, just as much as your words!

  6. Awesome April! Keep saying I love you to those sweet babies. You can never tell someone too much. :)

  7. Those are lucky children, very lucky. Happy 2012 to you and your family April!

  8. Those are two blessed children!!! Love that you are having the chance to love on them.


  9. I'm glad they are hearing I LOVE YOU. It's words they might not have heard for a long time if it weren't for you. Bless you and your family! HAPPY 2012!

  10. Such a sweet and heartfelt post. Loved it :) gave me goosebumps to read you broke the rule! Can never love on them too much.

  11. who need gobs of ornaments and decor when you have two sweet little babies to snuggle with? happy new year!!!!!!

  12. These babes need you - and love them up - every minute! What a sweet, sweet post April! Happy New year!

  13. Love is never wasted my dear, any excess swirls through the universe to find a resting place in another needy heart. Sounds like a wonderful holiday.. one you will always remember.. as will your kids!


  14. I'm so with you - Ben isn't too cute but I do love your recaps!

  15. Those are 2 very lucky kiddos. Glad to hear you're enjoying them. And so sweet of your friend to cover for you with all of the extra cookies. That's a whole lotta baking! Happy New Year!


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