12 Days of Christmas Giveaways: Day 8 Making Chicken Salad!

Day 8 of 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways comes to you via

I met Katherine at a mutual friend's crafty night a few years ago.
I adored her style, topics of conversation and we easily clicked.
Although we are very different, we also have so much in common!

She is earthy and organic.
She is urban and hip and edgy.
She has true vintage style.
She also has an adorable little boy
 and a boyfriend my husband really likes too.

We keep saying we need to meet up for burgers for a date night.
Ummm...that NEEDS to happen in 2012!

Making Chicken Salad was part of my Handmade Holiday Boutique.
In fact, she designed our postcard!

Katherine is giving away one of my favorite items of hers at the market....
a darling garland of spools!

Katherine's favorite Christmas colors are lime green and pink.
What are your favorite Christmas colors to decorate with?

Leave a comment here for your first entry.
Follow Katherine's blog Making Chicken Salad through bloglovin' for a second entry!

She really has the best DIY projects and has been featured by BIG bloggers.
Thank you, Katherine, for your friendship, support and your generous giveaway!
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  1. I love pink, green and orange...and anything sparkly! :)

  2. I go classic - silver, blue, gold. I like things simple. :)

  3. I decorate with lots and lots of red.

  4. I love glittery metallics... Bronze, copper, silver, gold

  5. I'm more of a classic color but I love the pink ans lime combo. thanks!

  6. I love red,neutrals,and brown. I wrap with brown packing paper and use pinecones and red or plaid ribbon.Old fashion Christmas!!

  7. Traditional red and green for me!

  8. I love sparkly silver mixed with red and green!

  9. Ooo... pretty colors. I choose either red and green or creams and silver. :)

  10. I'm a classic girl myself but I love the pink and lime combo too! thanks

  11. I like the traditional christmans colors - red/green/gold.

  12. I am all about silver and bright red! A little green never hurts either!

  13. Silver, blue and a touch of purple

  14. I love the classic black, white, and red...so pretty!


  15. red and silver seems to be my favorite this year!!

  16. Might sound boring, but I love red & green.. with some silver and other bright colors mixed in.


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