What I Wore....Kaia too!

Happy Wednesday!
Time to take a look at a few outfits that I managed to put together this week.
Putting an effort into getting dressed, documenting it and then hoping to not stand in the closet in a few weeks and think....'I have nothing to wear!' That is why I do this each Wednesday if you were wondering.

Also linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy for more inspiration!

I got a new pair of boots and it is safe to say they will become 'everydayers'....love them.
Love the shorter version. Love them with all types of outfits.
Loved the salesgirl, Ashley, that made me feel like a million bucks
 while trying on a bunch of outfits with the boots on!

Blue Slub Cotton Shirt - Nordstrom {old}
Standard & Practice Jeggings - Brass Plum Nordstrom
Steve Madden Boots - Nordstrom

Kaia and I scored at Queen Bee Market with a few Stacy Lynn Skirts!

Coral Dot Blouse + Tights - Forever 21
Navy Blue Jersey Skirt - Stacy Lynn (I wear a medium)
Brown Belt - Vintage
Brown Boots - Steven Madden Nordstrom
Uncle Buck Necklace - Funky Vintage Lovely

Kaia is a huge fan of her skirts too!
Gray V-Neck Sweater - Target
Red Eyelet Skirt - Stacy Lynn
Brown Belt + Brown Boots - Old

Another score at The Queen Bee Market but not a full outfit.....

...darling chevron scarf and flower by Blue Corduroy!
A favorite around my neck right now. Love the pop of colors.
This scarf is my favorite in her shop right now.

And just for fun....I had a tea party baby shower to attend on Saturday.
The hostesses asked each attendee to done white gloves and a hat.
This is the outfit I came up with for a winter tea party.
I borrowed the gloves from my neighbor and found that little hair clip hat at Target.

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  1. I love your new boots friend! I got a new pair of Steve Maddens this weekend too, but I got the Stone color Maddens like the brown ones we both have and wear in all our posts because they are comfy and awesome. I love your baby shower outfit --- too adorable!!!

  2. April! You are just so very lovely.

  3. You are gorgeous! Love the new boots! What a fun idea for a baby shower too-- that hat clip is so perfect.

  4. You guys look great!
    I like the skirt on both of you.

  5. Love your outfits! Kais's too! She has great style like her momma!:)

  6. OH my gosh your baby shower outfit? So darn cute! I love the hat clip!:)
    Hope you have a great day!

  7. I just LOVE your new boots! So cute
    That chevron flower and scarf is adorable too!!!
    Happy Wednesday

  8. You always have such a cute style and your daughter too!

  9. You always have such a cute style and your daughter too!

  10. Ooo... love the blues with your cognac boots! And your new scarf is adorable. :)

  11. Can I move into your closet? :) You look great and your tea party outfit was AWESOME!!!! I would look like a dowdy old grandma if I attempted gloves and a hat!! :)

    Hope you are having a great week!


  12. That hat is so adorable, these pics just make me smile and Kaia? So pretty, stylish! She gets it from her Mama!

  13. thanks my friend! you girls both look so cute in your stacy lynn skirts!!

    and what a fun party outfit!

  14. Ah there is too much here I love! You new booties are adorable, and your second outfit is so freaking cute! Love that adorable scarf too!

  15. I love those wide open fishnets. Seriously, someone needs to shop FOR me at Forever 21. It overwhelms me like no other place in the US.


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