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Thursday, while we were driving away from our home heading down to Queen Bee Market, I read out loud an email to Dave that I had received from a sweet reader. The kids were already busy in the back seat picking out and setting in order the movies they would watch for the 9 hour drive. I started to read the email to Dave....

'Also, wanted to say that you and your family are in my prayers as Blake undergoes all of his testing and possible surgeries. In regards to your post the other day, if he does have surgery, would there be a way to send him a card? I'm sure a lot of other readers would also like to do the same thing.'

I had a hard time reading this aloud to Dave. My throat tightened and my eyes filled but as I finished the first sentence Blake piped up from the back seat. In the happiest, sweetest, bubbliest voice, he said "Tell her thank you for praying please!" And then he went on to finish his movie prioritizing. When I looked back, his eyes were sparkling, his countenance lighter. He was so happy. I didn't even know he was listening. It made my heart happy to see him so excited. Beaming to know that he had support.

And, he would love cards when surgery time comes. We will continue to keep you all posted!

Now, I'm off to unpack the trailer, do laundry, take inventory, edit pictures, edit video, and put my house back in order. Queen Bee Market was a huge success. We got home late last night. Pictures coming soon. D+A Home has very little product left. It was awesome! Happy Tuesday....it feels more like a Monday to me.

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  1. Oh yes please! Why didn't I think of that? I would love to send Blake a card too! Thanks for sharing that email!

  2. Blog readers never cease to amaze me with the love and generosity they can pour forth, especially when its needed the most.
    And Im thrilled to hear how QBM went! Cant wait to hear more:)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family April.

  3. You and Blake and the rest of your gang can add one more to the list of people praying for you! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for sharing your sweet family with us! You are a real sweetie & prayers are coming your way. Keep up the awesome blog! Love reading it, even though I don't post much, I really enjoy your awesome writing style! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. They're always listening. I've learned that, quickly. :) And they especially like to tune in when we're talking about THEM. My boys always perk their ears if not their eyes as I tell others little stories about them. I see them smile when it's particularly funny.

    And your reader was right. We'd all love to send him some good cheer. :) Happy turkey eating and whatnot during this holiday week.


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