Keeping It Real:: with a photo!

No better way to 'keep it real' than with a photo!
We are knee deep in too many projects for Queen Bee Market.
The kitchen has been turned into a paint studio.
The dining room table...my work space.
The only recognizable part of our great room is our family room
and that is only staying somewhat clutter free to keep my sanity.

I've hired my personal chef and friend to cook again for us for the next three days!
I'm jumping up and down on the inside. Seriously.
Especially after she sent me our menu.
I'm drooling.

Now before you think...wow they must be rolling in the dough.
We aren't.
She's a pro and can cook for us for less than what we would spend eating out
or at a trip to the grocery store for groceries
 that would end up going bad because we would eat out due to lack of time.

Happy Monday.
Mine is happy because dinner is being delivered tonight.
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  1. Awesome! I just checked out your previous meals and they look divine. Please say you are going to share this weeks meals?! :)

  2. Love this post because my house looks like this and I don't even have an excuse! I'm just trying to do some seasonal purging! haha
    Yay for your prepared dinners :) I'm sure they'll be awesome!

  3. And that is the only way to knock the socks off at the Queen Bee Market!!!! Yay for good friends that cook even better. Ha!

  4. Nothing like keeping it real.
    Lucky to have someone come in and cook for you! What a treat!

  5. Im proud of you for realizing you CANT do it all(by hiring someone else to help you with dinnertime). I think too many times we underestimate our own sanity:)
    I cant wait to see your booth(s). Im so excited to see all your hard work come together.

  6. You just made me feel so good with that photo.. I Have an antique sofa I drug home last week from the junk store, tore apart in my livngroom, stuff for my shop on the other end, My kitchen table is covered treasure (crap according to my husband) and we are having dinner here Thursday.. I am also doing two shows in two weeks.. It is crazy!
    GOod luck at your show!


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