I've Got This Little Hammer....

The organizing and remodeling bug has hit me. Again.
We really need to get the most bang for our buck out of our 1300 square foot home.
We built it ourselves and still love it, so moving isn't an option.
But rearranging to make better use of our space is!

Kaia had a custom closet package built by Dave and our friend Joe when we first moved in.
She was 3 years old. I designed it and it worked for a long time.
But lately Kaia's clothes were getting too big for the little cubbies.
I had an idea to get a new closet organizer from The Container Store
and not bother Dave at all with the work.
My friend Carla and I could tackle it...I was sure of it!

We started on the left side. The easy side. Not much demo.
Carla brought over her power tools and demo tools.
I used her power drill to screw in all the tracks and I was hooked.
I NEEDED my own set of tools!

Carla tackled the demo on the right side while I fed her kiddos some lunch
and we finished installing the closet organizer in just under 3 hours!

This boost of confidence gave me the bug to do more on my own and when Dave saw what Carla and I accomplished....he went out and bought me my very own cordless drill set, bits and electric staple gun!

Next up in Kaia's room was hanging curtains on her window.
I knew I could tackle that project on my own.

I armed myself with the necessary tools: a ladder, my cordless drill, a tape measure, the screws and my handy dandy little grandma hammer that Dave bought me years ago.

This was going to be my first project with a power tool completely on my own.
I climbed up the ladder. Dropped the screws 8 times. Swore 2 times.
Climbed down the ladder 8 times to pick up the screws.
Forgot to use the drill bits to pre-drill my sheet rock anchor holes
which had me swearing one more time and was the reason why I was dropping so many screws.

I finally finished though and was so proud of myself!

When I was finished, I posted this tweet on twitter....
"I just used my cordless drill for the first time and used my cleavage to hold my hammer! "

Oh I was a site to be seen up there on the ladder with my hammer sticking out of my boobs.

Hunny, I need a tool belt next!

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  1. HAHA! Yes, you do need a tool belt!!! Great job on the closet and the curtains!

  2. haha! I LOVE this! Cleavage comes in handy sometimes doesn't it? Kaia's closet looks amazing. I'm a little jealous. Love her curtains too. Good job! I with ya.. LOVE using power tools!

  3. I love this post for so many reasons. Here are two.
    1. I love that you got your own power tools. I am asking for some for Christmas.
    2. I love the picture of said power tools with the feminine flower pillow in the background.
    You are awesome!

  4. Nice job on the closet & curtains!! Even better job using your boobs as a tool belt ~ hystercial!

  5. Great job! Hilarious about the cleavage. Rock it girl.

  6. I love this - you are so busy these days. Good for you girlie!!! XO

  7. Doesn't it feel good to do this stuff by yourself? :)

  8. I love my tools... deeply.. and saw somewhere a GORGEOUS purple suede tool belt.. you would love it!


  9. I don't know... you never forget to put the cleavage on, unlike a tool belt, so I think that is a better option!

    I LOVE my cordless drill, and other assorted power tools. Sadly, my sister KILLED my drill, so a new one is on my Christmas wish list!

    Way to go Power Tool Girl!

  10. Cleavage to hold the hammer...hilarious!!!!
    Nice job, the closet looks great!

  11. Oh my goodness that is too funny. But hey...you might as well use em if ya got em, right? :)
    Im sure that this"ll be just the start of the projects you'll find to do now that you've got your own tools. I have my own hot pink tool kit. Except everyone steals the pieces around here. It drives me crazy!

  12. Oh you make me laugh! Props to you on completing projects!!

  13. Ha Ha- A tool belt would be good! You are becoming quite the handy woman aren't you? Your projects look great!

  14. That's awesome! Great job! You made me laugh! I'm scared to use power tools but I'm beginning to think I need to stop being afraid and just do it. My hubby doesn't have a lot of time to take on some of the projects I want done.

  15. This cracks me up! I knew boobs would come in handy for something ;)

  16. Oakland is not that far away! My closet needs you. I hear it in the night, whimpering, and begging for April....


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