It's Business as Usual....

It's business as usual for us in November.
Busy working on handmade items for the shop and for The Queen Bee Market.

A couple of weeks ago I posted that Grab Bags were available in the shop!
Lots of people jumped on them but some people were nervous.
They weren't sure what colors would be in there.
What product would be included.
I promised it would be cute.
I promised it would be a variety.
I promised there would be 6 items {gifts} in the bag.

Thought I'd share sample pic of one of the GRAB BAGs for anyone still sitting on the fence.

Each one will be different. But seriously that is $75 worth of CUTE product for $50.
There are a few more left. Hurry.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

We will be leaving in a week for The Queen Bee Market!
We have been busy bees and will continue working through the weekend.

I have promised Dave to not have any last minute things to do.
Our goal this time is to be packed up on Tuesday. A full few days before we leave.
Hopefully with no arguing! Although, Dave has a wicked sinus cold/infection and is miserable
as he is working and painting right now.

If you live in the San Diego are....we would love to see you that weekend!
It is a handmade market not to be missed.
We will have new product, a new booth... D+A Home,
and I will have a few surprises in my FVL booth too.

Here are all the deets.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

And just for fun I thought I'd tell you what I'm doing today.
I'm heading to my Chicks In Aprons meeting.
We are having a Thanksgiving Feast
where we all bring a favorite/traditional Thanksgiving dish.

I really want to go, but am short on time so.....
I'm bringing canned Cranberry Sauce!
It's my favorite part of the meal and I only eat it twice a year.

That's the way I roll sometimes.
I'm sure it will get a few good laughs and make us all remember this classic STORY!

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  1. LOVE! I so wish I lived close to S.D., as I would be camping out at Queen Bee....sooo my dream to shop my heart out there one day!

  2. oooh I can't wait! I just received the earrings I purchased from your blog sale, LOVE them!

  3. SO wish I could hit the Queen Bee Market! Looks amazing! Love seeing all your fantastic products! Wish you best of luck for a successful holiday fair!!!

  4. I will be at Queen Bee!! So excited!!

  5. I'm definitely going to be there! I am totally thrilled.


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