Good Cyber'HANDMADE'Monday Morning!

I have so many exciting things to share this week and not enough days!
I have pics from QBM still and a video I'm trying to put together.
Blake's room re-do is about finished.
Just waiting for good lighting to get some good pictures.
I have a few funny stories I want to share so we can remember them forever.
One is about some infertility testing we did in the Air Force and the other is about the Birds & the Bees.
Both too funny. Both have been on my 'to blog' list.
Remind me if I forget!

Also, I found a new amazing store while in Southern California and I snapped lots of pictures to share.
But first...today is a huge day for internet sales!

Today is Cyber Monday! While you all have been so good to me over the weekend with Black Friday sales {thank you xoxo}, I have another special for you today!

I have 5 of these grab bags for a ridiculous price of only $40 available today.
The first five lucky people will get $75 worth of product for $40!
All pretty items. And, you can give me a favorite color and I will do my best to include that color.

Use discount code GRABBAG at checkout once you add it to your cart. The discount will be applied at that time.

And, if you missed my Black Friday specials....check out the shop for a CyberMonday special!

Also be sure to check out Yellow Me Daisy!
They updated their shop this weekend and it is full of so many goodies for children.
Boys especially. Which always seem hard to come by.
And remember you can use discount code: FunkyVintageLovely to receive 20% of your order!

And another thing....check out the sponsors on my sidebar...all have really cute items for sale and most are handmade. I personally love the knitted scarves and hats from Blue Corduroy and the skirts and jersey scarves from Stacy Lynn! Kaia and I are both big fans. ♥

And one last special.....I'm offering my standard ad size space {200 x 100} for $15 for the month of December!
Email me if you are interested. I'd love to have you.

So there is my passionate plug for handmade! Making items give me butterflies and so does buying handmade items from other sweet woman who get butterflies making cute things!

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