Dear Dave + April.....our D+A Home booth!

Dear Dave,
I love how yours/our booth turned out at Queen Bee Market. I loved that after set up you said 'BAM...how's that for fast?' I also love that then you sat and looked at it and said....'What if no one buys anything? What if no one likes my/our stuff?' I know that feeling. That vulnerable feeling of putting yourself out there. Making something you love and hoping somebody else loves it just as much. Well....you were a hit. I heard so many people say that your booth was their favorite. Even Kaia said, while we were pricing items, 'Mommy, I think I like Daddy's booth better.' To which I replied....'me too!' You were a hit. Our items were a hit. Now get busy making more so I can put them online for the rest of the world to purchase! Love you so much. Love working side-by-side. We've come a long way this past year.

♥, me

This is Marcie from Redstar Ink. She worked with us to design the D+A Home Logo!
Dave had come up with the idea of the heart and initial carving, but we needed Marcie to give it the edge Dave was looking for. We absolutely love it!

Finished booth.

That lantern lamp was our first sale. Followed by the lights, step stools, furniture, ornaments, pallet wall art, locker bins...well you get the picture. And Dave was worried no one would buy anything!

Collage wall art that was a combined effort. This one is still available and will be in the shop as soon as I figure out how to calculate shipping on this bad boy!

All items in this photo SOLD!

We came home with a few step stools and a couple of chalkboards.

This wall art would be perfect in a playroom or child's room....and it SOLD!

This little girl's version SOLD too! Yippee.
I think we were most excited to debut this type of wall art that was a true collaboration of both of our passions....
wood and color/pattern/texture combinations.

This one would also be perfect for a playroom or boy's room. It is still available!!

And, this vintage Santa wall art is available also. We had two and came home with one.
I'm tempted to keep it. So cute and so vintage.

Dave made the sweetest wood ornaments and I added a sweet message on them.
Two shops in San Diego are wanting to purchase them to sell in their stores.
Holla! We made 3 dozen yesterday for retail.

Slate chalkboards!
Just picked up more material yesterday for these beauties.

And a shot of both of our booths. I loved how cohesive they were...yet two separate spaces!

We are thinking Funky Vintage Lovely will be more of our gift boutique.
And, D+A Home more of the home accessories!

See anything you like?

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  1. Darn you for not being closer!.. it all looks fantastic.. so happy it went well. You both look adorable!


  2. I love it all! I really love the santa wall art! Great job!

  3. Love love love it! Amazing job, guys!!! Wish I lived in CA so I could purchase some items!!!

  4. I love everything! But I wish I could have one of those step stools - I'm a shorty!

  5. It looks great! If the Christmas wall art is avaiable for purchase, let me know! I have the perfect place for it!

  6. Great job to both! The booth looks greats and the products are unique and AWESOME!

  7. Are those wall art boards able to take thumb tacks, or simply be displayed as is?

    And as for liking...it's all gorgeous. I love how it's a family affair. Sooner than later I hope to have the monetary means to shop for our home and truly decorate. I'll start by picking your brain and items!

  8. I stopped by QBM, and both booths were beautiful.

  9. Awesome! Both booths look beautiful. I would love to have been able to see them in person. Great job April and Dave!

  10. I love it all. I want to live close to you. I want to be crafty! :) What ever happened to the canvas wrapped sayings? Did I totally miss them?

    You two are precious and I am so glad I got to know you both this year!


  11. Love it all! What a great way to combine love and work!

  12. I LOVE those wall art boards. SO creative! Both your booths right next to each other is so nice, t hey both do flatter each other.
    I think that the little babies you opened up your home to are the luckiest ones in the world to have you. Good luck!


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