What I Wore....to the football game!

Well my wish came true.
It turned a bit colder.
The rain came.
I got to wear boots.
And now I want it to stop raining!!

{bad bad picture...we were in a hurry!}

Sweater {Nordstrom - new}
Brown Cap Sleeve {Undertease - old}
Jeggings {Standard & Practice Nordstrom...found ANOTHER pair}
Boots {Steve Madden Nordstrom - new}

With fall approaching I am missing my brown hair.
The blond covers the grays so well though and is so fun.
But as my pale winter skin sets in...I think the blond will wash me out.
Do you change your hair color to match the seasons?

Devyn, help me put brown back in without going red!
I'm thinking something like this....

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  1. Hi sweet April, I am in LOVE with your new boots! I'm wanting some like those really badly. I love the change in weather too. You look adorable and I get what you mean about changing hair color. I can never get mine right.

  2. Great pic of you, April! RE the hair color, I have darker hair naturally and usually have my gal do three colors (it's the same cost as one). So we foil in my natural color, a mid tone, and a highlift tint. And then I go fairly piece-y on the color variations. Come to think of it...time to schedule time for myself!

  3. LOVE the boots!!! I wish we had a Nordies. Sigh.
    I feel that way about blonde when I see photos of myself. Although, naturally, i am blonde. Huh. I feel like I look better as a brunette.

  4. I love your boots!! I have those too and live in them. You look adorable friend!! I think you could totally pull of the Jen Aniston look. love it!

  5. Super cute outfit! Love the boots...I'm so happy to be wearing mine again too. :) And I think this is the year that I will finally try skinny jeans with them. I think you would look gorgeous with that shade of brown hair, but the blonde is great on you too!

  6. I am glad to see that there is someone else out there that doesn't wear "school" clothes to games. The heck with school colors lets dress for us and look cute! :D
    PS love the outfit.

  7. i love the boots! i also loved your shoes you wore to blogsugar, but in midst of our tri-state ;) converstation that night i forgot to tell you.

  8. Those boots are fabulous - and your smile is too! :)

    PS - You would rock that 'do!

  9. You look lovely. If you ever decide to give away any of your clothes. I would be first in line.

    Also, Thank you so much for your help and ideas for the party. It helped A LOT!!!

  10. Great outfit and love those boots!

  11. BOOTS!!! So nice. I needa get me some fall leather boots!

  12. you are soo cute!! im loving the fact that it's almost boot weather again!! :) usually in summer i like to highlight my hair to be lighter, but it's been a no no this summer w/ a baby in my belly! :D

  13. That outfit is fabulous- the boots make it. I think that I have a boots obsession.

    I used to highlight- but highlights on top of highlights turned my hair almost platinum, and it made me look older, so I have gone back to my natural dark blonde. I probably will have to do something different when I go gray. Yours have a nice contrast.

    Over from WIWW!

  14. Hey girl..you DO NOT look washed out and pale...and there are such things as tan towels...best invention around if you ask me...look tan, no sunbed. :)

    LOVING the boots and the picture is not yuck. You always look cute!!!!


  15. April!!! yes lets do that with your hair!! it's very warm! are you up for warm?? goldens? but no reds!! and its darker! we could totally pull that color off!!

  16. Must have missed this post. I love the top on you! The boots are so great... perfect color. :)

  17. super cute outfit! I need to cave and get some jeggings....


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