oh sugar!

I attended Blog Sugar a few weeks ago and I am still thinking of the sweetness that I experienced that evening.
I tweeted that it was definitely spiritually uplifting and a great 'fireside'.
The theme for Blog Sugar was faith-centered and in a nut-shell....
Doing good with your blog and glorifying God.

Remember that Dave drove down with me and was my roommate? We stayed in Huntington Beach!
 Angry Julie texted me the afternoon of the event and asked if I wanted a ride!
I ♥ her. She is crazy and wild and it was great to start and end the evening with her.

The event was decorated beautifully with pinks and oranges.
And GIANT balloons and streamers and flowers.

I decided before the event to go out of my comfort zone a bit and not sit with a table full of friends.
As tempting as that is. I did sit with two friends from The Queen Bee Market, who I always wish I had more time with to sit and chat at the actual market, so that was a sweet treat. The rest of my table became new friends!

Back Row: Kristen , Lindsay, Casey, Monick, Me.
Front Row: Nicole, Ashley
Missing: Jules

I looked at Ashley from Little Miss Momma and knew I recognized her and her blog name....duh. She is the moustache necklace girl! And it was fun to meet Lindsay since we had just emailed the week before and I had sent out a necklace to her to giveaway on her blog! Actually, the whole table was fun and it was nice getting to know new bloggers!

What was extra sweet about this event down in Southern California was meeting up finally with some local Northern California girls!

From top left going clockwise:  Kim & me, Jessica, me & Mel, me & Keri and Jacqui and me and what I wore. Ok so Jacqui is from southern california but it was so much fun meeting her too!
(And that what I wore picture is for Paige.)

It really was so much fun to squeeze these girls tight. Actually, on our way driving down I said to Dave that I really hoped Keri from Forever Folding Laundry was going to be there.
As I went to my first speaker I sat next to this cute blonde. We turned immediately to introduce ourselves to each other, because that is what you do at a blog conference, and guess who it was? Keri from Forever Folding Laundry. We both jumped up and hugged each other.

The speakers were amazing. I mean look at the list. I really wanted to go to all of them. And wish we had one more day and could make the whole round of speakers...not just choose 3. But I again went out of my comfort zone a bit and chose topics that I thought could help me grow as a person. I felt fulfilled at the end of the evening and was so glad I went.

One person that I made sure I had some one-on-one with was Heather from Life Made Lovely. She is the sweet girl heading up this beautiful blog re-design and it was so much fun to hug her, know her story, and feel of her heart and love. She is just a beautiful person on the inside and out. It's been a complete pleasure working with her and Molly! 

I also met up with a lot of other blog friends I hadn't seen in awhile, but didn't get pictures with, and that is always sweet! 

And, that is the end of my Blog Sugar Sweetness. But speaking of sweetness, thank you to all of you that wished me well while I was sick. It was the pits and I'm glad to be eating again and feeling well. And for the record, my husband rocks! He took such good care of me. Except when I was moaning loudly in pain. He doesn't like that.

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  1. It was great to carpool with you my friend. And that photo of us is great. I'm going to steal it!

  2. Glad to know I was in good company while I was down and out for a week! ugh. ;( Yeah for feeling better. I still want to call and chat, so loved getting to squeeze you again at Blog Sugar. Hoping we can hang out more in November at Queen Bee! Hugs!!

  3. this makes me so happy.
    i'm so glad i finally got to meet you. and i was excited that you knew who i was! (i was a bit starstruck) ;)

  4. Girl.... WHERE do you find the time and energy???? I am glad you were blessed and filled :-)

    Personally for me... just going to something like this would be a HUGE step out of my comfort zone... LOL!

    Hugs, and hope you are all well!

  5. WOW - what an awesome thing to attend! The coolest and my fav bloggers, all together? Just to hear of it, I must be dreaming! Maybe someday??? PS - Lovin the blonde hair April!

  6. I had so much fun meeting you!! I miss you. Can we hang out again soon?!!

  7. Blog Sugar sounds like such a fun bloggy conference with a great theme. Maybe I can make the trek from Texas to CA next year. :)

    You look super cute too--love the mix of color/pattern!

  8. AWW I LOVE this post! :) SO wonderful meeting you girly!

  9. I was SO happy to meet you!
    Fate brought us together
    in that breakout session. ;)
    When are we going to schedule
    that norcal meet up?
    Let's do it!



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