Little Snippets of Life.

'Just when I thought I wasn't doing enough to teach my children spiritually, I find out our 14 year old daughter has downloaded October's General Conference to her iPod and has been listening to all the inspired talks given by our sweet and humble church leaders instead of listening to music this week.'

{Every once in awhile I want to post a little snippet of life. It's too long for twitter and I want it to be part of our family record so Facebook isn't the best place to record it. I've decided with the new blog layout...coming so so soon... I'm going to go back to posting little snippets of life from time to time like I used to in my earlier blogging days before twitter. Which means....there might be a few doubling posting days!}

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  1. You should be super, super proud! What a good girlie!

  2. That is amazing- Sounds like momma has been doing her job :)

  3. That melts my heart! What a wonderful discovery!


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