Hello Monday!

Hello Monday :: I'm still here. Just slow on the blog. It's raining today. I'm wearing boots!

Hello Break :: Maybe if I announce that I'm taking a blogging break...I will have tons of things I want to blog about or the motivation to edit and upload all the pictures waiting patiently in my camera. It happens all the time. OK...no break. Dave owes me a letter tomorrow!

Hello Freshening Up :: I'm working on a little blog re-design this week. Possibly making room for some sponsors! Would you be interested in advertising on my blog?!

Hello Shop Update :: I really want to get my shop updated this week. Have a sale on some summer items and get some products loaded for purchase that aren't always available.

Hello Date Night :: I went out to dinner with a dear girlfriend on a whim Saturday night where we sat for two hours and talked all things creative!

Hello Antique Finds :: Dave and I hit the mother lode this weekend at the Alameda Antique Faire. Can you just say...oh my goodness. We had a large cart and even larger flat rolling cart full of treasures. Some for us. Some for a new little shop we are starting together. One thing that we did purchase at the end of the faire was a set of old lockers for Blake's room. I'm so excited. I'll snap a picture and share over on Twitter. Oh there are so many little surprises I want to share with you...but my mind is still a bit over-crowded working out all the details. It will come in time.

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  1. Hello, Hello...

    So happy for you! And for me! Can't wait to see all the fun that's yet to come....

    Happy October, Happy Monday, Happy first fall rainy day...

  2. I would definitely be interested in sponsoring:)

  3. cute post. maybe just maybe...you will find all kinds of things to post if you took a break but, I would miss you! :)

  4. i'm in love with all those vases on your window sill!

  5. I love peeking through your window! :) I wish Kyle was on board with the "other people's junk" concept. Oh the fun you must have together!

  6. Yes, you should have ad space on your blog. Sign me up!

  7. Love your blog - and would love an ad my friend....give me the details, ok? I would miss you in the blogging world but everybody needs a break from time to time. I feel the same. I loose inspiration and want to keep people coming back. You do inspire me though! I love to see what you're up to, your finds, etc. Love those vases too - swoon!!!

  8. Hello: Pretty kitchen!!

    I love your blog April. Have I mentioned that?


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