Dreaming:: Re-Decorating

We found a set of vintage lockers, much like the set pictured below, this past weekend at the Antique Faire.
Blake's been begging for a surf themed bedroom.
I had already done a surf theme when he was a baby and was over it.
But he has been begging.

I've spent too much time today surfing the web
and creating this pin board on Pinterest for Blake's new surf bedroom.
It's going to happen.
Do you know why?

Because when I was a young girl,
 I dreamed of a room filled with rainbows and unicorns....
and my mom granted my wish!

Do you remember the theme of your childhood bedroom?
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  1. I love that your mom granted your wish! My mom was the same way. I loved yellow & so I remember having yellow gingham curtains & bedspread & pillow sham. And then she let me paint around my door frame & window frame in bright colors. And then she let me & my friends graffiti on the closet walls! So, whenever I had sleepovers, we'd head to my closet to write & draw.

  2. I love that board you made. Great finds. I love, love, love the lockers. Fab.

  3. Such great inspiration! I had a couple of different rooms growing up.

  4. love your inspiration! i definitely didn't have a theme to my bedroom growing up. perhaps i will start with my little girl :)


  5. I don't remember a whole bedroom theme, but my mom did cross stitch a pillow of the horse from Rainbow Brite! I still remember it so well:)

  6. We did an extreme bedroom makeover for my son last summer. It is TOTALLY a surf room, complete with giant surfboard on the wall. I still go in there and smile sometimes. It's my favorite room in the house....by far.

    As for me, I stayed in a bed & breakfast where they had rose colored carpet. And I KNEW I must have it. My parents did the best 90's rose colored room. It was super tacky. I loved it.

  7. Those lockers are so cool! My bedroom in high school was plastered with Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco...do I date myself a bit?

  8. Ah, yesss....you've dug up deep memories for me on this one. All the years of my growing up my favorite color was purple. All I wanted was a purple room. So when I was like 11 my mom decided to re-do my room in....take a guess...tiny pink roses wallpaper! I was devastated. She swears to this day she "didnt know" I wanted purple. Im not swallowing that:)
    (We have a great relationship BTW, even though it may not seem it from my comment:))

  9. Good for you mama... he will love it and love you for it!


  10. I can't wait to see it when you are done!!!

    Yes, I remember mine. Holly Hobby. And when I outgrew it, I begged for rainbows and I got it as a surprise when we moved.

  11. I know Blake's room is going to look GREAT! When I was young, my theme was "pastel rainbow" and the main accent color was lavender. GAG. But I sure did love it back then!


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