Do Something Good....{a new series + a challenge}

A new random series....about random acts of kindness!
This week 'do something good'.....
for your significant other or loved one.

Lately I have found myself feeling so happy as I perform random acts of kindness to others.
It helps me be present in my daily life.

I have found myself helping an older lady carry a heavy box.
Making up the difference for the girl in front of me in line that was short money for a gift she had picked out for her mother.
Smiling at someone who looked like they've had better days.
My heart swells when I perform a random acts of kindness.
And one act of kindness leads to another and before you know it your day is full of cheeriness.
Thinking of others instead of yourself.

 So this week, I challenge us to first start at home.
Do something GOOD for your spouse, partner, boyfriend/girlfriend or closest loved one
that is unexpected, that will lighten their load, based on unconditional terms, and without fanfare.

Come back here and leave a comment on what you did and how you felt!
And feel free to share this challenge and invite others to join.
It will be good for all our souls.
Can't wait to read the comments this week!

Happy Monday!
{This sale is has been extended thru today in case you missed it this weekend.}

{Linking up with Life Made Lovely Monday too!}

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  1. love this april- and i love your heart and desire to bless others through kindness!!!

  2. You are awesome!! Such a great idea!

  3. This is so great, important and what a wonderful way to lead by example, I want to get my kiddos involved! Thanks friend! XO

  4. You're so sweet April...Yesterday my daughters and I were having a tough day and I was stressed! I could tell they were too, so we dropped everything and I let one do my make-up (hahaha) and the other wanted to dress up in her Halloween costume and get her make up done. ThE giggles were totally worth it - normally I would have stressed all day!!

    This morning I took my elderly Aunt to an appointment. Normally she goes alone but I wanted to drive her. She was very happy to have company and in addition I was talking with some other elderly patients that were thrilled to have the interaction.

    It only takes these simple things to remind you what is important in life!!

  5. April, Your kindness is an example for all of us! I'm going to incorporate this into my day. What a wonderful idea!

  6. What a great idea. I love it. Can't wait to see the love be spread around.

  7. so sweet:) I love this! Our counselor at school started a boutique called The Rak (gently used clothing, accessories), and the only thing the kids need to use for payment is an agreement to do one random act of kindness (RAK). Wouldn't the world be so lovely if everyone did sweet stuff for no reason?:)

  8. It's amazing how those little things for us can make a big difference to someone else, no? I was parked in a parking garage the other day, and when I wanted to pay there were three girls in front of me who were 10 Cents short. So I just gave them the money. They could not believe it. I drove home happy, knowing I just made someones day...


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