Calling all Sponsors!


I have exciting news!
My blog re-design made a space over there on the right hand-side of my blog for some sponsor love.

I'm really excited...did I mention that already?
All the info is on the sponsor page under the tab up there on the right.
Ads will start Nov. 1st and will run monthly.

First off I can't even begin to tell you how much I appreciate my blog friends and readers.
YOU! You are all so supportive and good to me.
I promise to bring you quality blogs and products over there to make it worth the click.

Second, to potential sponsors, did I tell you how wonderful and supportive my blog readers are?!
Well they are and I know they are going to love you.

With that said, I'd love to hear from you if you are interested in posting an ad on my sidebar.
There are two 'feature' spots that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
They include a feature post and giveaway!

The rest of the spots will be included in a monthly feature 'sponsor love' post where I will highlight a favorite item or thing about your blog! If you have a shop, you will be able to provide a discount code for FVL readers if you would like.

I'm looking forward to this new journey and feeling a little bit more official in my job title as 'blogger!'

Oh and so important to know....
With part of my advertising money received,
I will be putting it back into my own advertising budget
so FVL will continue to grow and gain new friends!

Happy Friday lovelies.

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  1. hi april, quick question about the joe's jeans on your sale. the size 28 ones. i'm trying to determine if they will fit me. do they really not fit you any longer? i would've guessed you were a size 6! i'm size 29...

    thanks for your help!

  2. oh, here's my email address, so you don't have to leave a comment on the blog: klpeirce at yahoo dot com

  3. Ooh! This is great news. I'm thinking of putting up an ad for my family blog...This is tempting!

  4. I may just have to do this...off to check it out! I love your blog:)


  5. SO excited that you are doing this - I'm hoping soon I can get a spot - once I get some additional craft fairs under my belt I hope!!!


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