What We Wore - Going To The Chapel!

What We Wore - Going to the Chapel Edition!

We attended a wedding in Reno this past weekend for friends from our Delaware days.
I joked with Dave that I wanted to get married again in a cheesy chapel while we were there.
I guess more of a renewing of the vows...but really more for fun than serious.
I mean how fun to be a bride all over again and have that newlywed feeling again.
And heck...to make sure he still would marry me again if given the opportunity!

We giggled walking into the Antique Angel Wedding Chapel.
It was close to 10:00 pm. The kids were giddy too.

The officiant...not so giggly. This was serious business for her.
I asked to rent the biggest 80's veil they had...for fun.
And, I didn't let Dave see me before walking down the aisle.
I also asked if she would add to the vows that Dave would take me when bossy
and that I would take Dave when grouchy.
She obliged.

We laughed and I cried a bit renewing sweet vows to each other.
And I squeezed Dave's hand extra hard when she added that it was forever!

Dave called me 'Mrs. Kennedy' the whole next day....like it was new to me!
I called him my 'husband'.
Little glances, smiles and kisses were exchanged all day reminding us that
we would marry each other over and over again!
And that is just what we are planning to do.

Vegas next baby. By Elvis!
With a rented veil.

Here's What We Wore....{luckily we had just come from a wedding}

Kaia: Dress & Cardigan Forever 21; Belt Vintage, Shoes American Eagle
Bride: Dress Macy's (2 years ago), Belt Vintage, Shoes Nordstrom (old), Veil rented, cheesy and perfect, Flowers taken from friend's wedding we had just come from!
Groom: Suit My Brother's, Dress Shirt & Tie Macy's.
Blake: Shirt & Tie that was removed Crew Cuts, Shorts Old Navy, Flip Flops Rainbow

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy. She issued a challenge a few weeks ago to find something old in your closet and reinvent it. I hadn't worn this dress in two years and was excited to make it work by changing it up with a brown belt and brown shoes! Thanks for the challenge Linds.

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  1. Sweet!! I would totally marry my hubs again too, in a flat second! I guess I would even take him grumpy, but I don't know if I'm brave enough to put it right there in the vows where I can be reminded of it and stuff...

  2. Congratulations on your re-marriage. Love the angel floating over your husbands head!

  3. What a great way to put some sparkle back in a marriage and create some fun memories and sounds like new traditions?

    Can't wait for the Elvis wedding...

  4. The brown accessories look SO phenom with that red dress!

  5. You guys are too cute! This made me tear up a little at the sweetness! I love it :)


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