What We Wore for Portraits and How I'm Decorating with Them!

We had family portraits taken a few months ago when the mustard was in bloom on a whim by a friend!
Do you know what the best thing about 'on a whim' means with portrait taking....
no agonizing over what everyone should wear!

This is exactly what we had on when our friends came over for dinner that night and we decided to try to grab a few pictures of the family!

Kaia: Ruffled Tank J.Crew, Cardigan Hollister, Jeans Hollister
Dave: Spina Bifida Awareness T-shirt and Jeans. He grabbed his American Eagle Flannel for the pic!
Me: Pleated Blue Top and Jeggings Nordstrom, Jacket grabbed off of photographer! Boots Nine West outlet.
Blake: Leucadia Surf Shop T-shirt, Gap Skinny Jeans

I love the way the pictures turned out without all the worry of family portraits!

I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy today for What I Wore Wednesday!

I'm also guest posting today over at Kristen Duke photography.
She's running a series on Decorating with Portraits all month and already has some amazing ideas!

Wait until you see what I did with one of our 'artistic' shot portraits above my mantel.
Squeal....I'm so excited!

I'll give you a sneak peek of the before picture.....

Click here for the after!

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  1. so great! :)

    (Maybe Kristen should link to your bigcartel shop, they etsy one is just so empty :))

  2. WOWOWOWOWOWO! I love that picture! I love how HUGE it is! SOOOOOO CUTE! What a great idea! I think I'll steal it for Fall Pictures! I need a BIG one of my fam! LOVE IT! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Love your family photo!


  4. Great family photo! We had ours done a month ago and I haven't seen them yet. I am dying from the suspense!!

  5. What a great picture! I think that unplanned pics turn out the best! :)

  6. so cute...great way to decorate with them!

    beautiful family


  7. I love your 'after' mantle, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Adorable, April!! I love the canvas and the gorgeous colors!! :)

  9. Your "new" mantle looks SO great! In fact, I think I'm in love with your entire living room. :)

  10. Great family pics!! The yellow flowers just pop, great idea to take your pics on the whim!

    Love love love your after btw!!! :)


  11. 100% agree about the not agonizing over what to wear! Those are often the best pics.

    That's a great, natural family photo.

  12. I love the photo (and your living room!!!)


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