What We Really Went to Reno For.....

While we ended up renewing our vows in Reno,
we were really there to attend a wedding!

Our dear friends from Delaware, the Kroshus Family, was marrying off their youngest son.
Bradley was 8 when we moved to Delaware.
His dad, Roger, was our Bishop in our ward when we arrived 3000 miles
to set up a new home as a newly married couple.

Dave had their two older sons Jeremy and Chris in Young Mens
and Sue was Kaia's full-time babysitter when I had to go back to work when she was 7 weeks old.

It was so much fun to attend the wedding, catch up with old friends and hang out with a donkey named Wellington!

The wedding details were sweet and the rustic vintage theme was evident all around.
Each place setting was a different plate that had been thrifted a few weeks before.
Vintage glass bottles were filled with romantic flowers and mason jars were used for candles.

I loved this couch setting out in the middle of the pasture.
Even though the picture is blurry I wanted to share this picture with you.
{i've taken my camera off auto}

I felt very CJane-ish lying on the couch with Dave rubbing my feet!

To say the Kroshus boys are the life of the party is an understatement.
Seriously they should be hired out to get every wedding reception started!

A few special ladies came from Delaware to celebrate the wedding with the Kroshus family.
They were also dear friends back in our Dover, Delaware days.

{Diane, Sue Kroshus, me, Linda}
It was so much fun chatting and catching up with their families.
Dave was actually in Diane's daughter's wedding as a groomsman and Linda's son and daughter-in-law where close friends of ours.

When I looked back at Kaia's scrapbook I have an entry that reads....
'It was so hard saying good-bye to Sue when we moved. She has become a second mother to our sweet little Kaia and an angel to me when I had to return to work.'

We moved back to California when Kaia was 5 months old.
Here is Sue and Kaia now....

The last time Sue saw Kaia she was four years old!

We now miss the whole Kroshus family even more than we did before.
A good visit with lots of laughs will do that to you!

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  1. What a sweet-sweet wedding! I am so happy you got to spend time with old friends & family :) Love the donkey too!!

  2. I love that Kroshus family! And Diane, and Linda! Oh my word. My mom's BFF. These pictures are so fun to see. So glad you were able to be there. :)

  3. How fun! Looks like it was a wonderful wedding. Love the couch seating area out in the pasture. :-) I haven't stopped by your blog in a while, love your blonde hairdo....so pretty!


  4. I found your blog a few months ago, and loved it and started following immediately. Somehow I missed the fact that you lived in Delaware. I grew up there! I was in the Wilmington West ward and Jeremy Kroshus is a friend of mine. Such a small world! I knew I loved your blog for a reason (or two or three)!!!!

  5. I LOVE that picture of your kiddos! Sooo cute!

    Miss you friend! :)

  6. The wedding looks as though it was gorgeous. I love the idea of thrifting vintage plates for the table! That was genius. Looks as though you got to spend some good times with old friends, how perfect!!!

  7. Sweet, sweet pictures. Good friends are such a treasure!

    Love the couch picture!!! :)




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