What I Wore.....

I joined in with the What I Wore craze hosted by The Pleated Poppy....
not so much for accountability but to document outfits
so I never would stand in my closet again and think....
'I have nothing to wear.'

Guess what?
I feel like I have nothing to wear!
I'm ready for fall for a clothing change up.
I'm sick of my cut-off jean shorts and flip flops.
I want boots and jeggings and cardigans!
But since it is still so warm here,
I decided to buy a summery dress for a wedding this past weekend.
I've been working with the bride and her mother for the past few months
coming up with every creative detail and decor.
It was a blast and came together so pretty.

Here is what I wore to the wedding
and a sneak peak via a little video I took of the decor!

{Dress: Shabby Apple, Silver Ballet Flats: J. Crew}

Now for the sweet little video!
Warning...there is a cute song with it.

kisses, april
{i accidently deleted my signature and am too lazy to go find it!}


  1. Ok... now I am a little bit teary eyed. That was so cute and makes me long to get married again. We did the good ol' court house maneuver.

    Great job with the decor!! How did you do the photo booth?

    Loving the dress too!! Fun, flirty, and just makes ya smile. Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE the dress! It looks amazing!
    I love the wedding!
    I am having a thirtieth birthday party in a short 10 days...do you want to come do the decor?

  3. I love that dress! Those awning stripes are amazing! The wedding looks gorgeous!

  4. I literally have that dress in my shopping cart right now for a wedding i have coming up... (along with 3 or 4 others i can't choose between!) great minds think alike!!!

  5. LOVE that skirt!! I've been obsessed with stripes lately!, I'm popping in from wiww!!

  6. Love your deeds...it suits you beautifully...and what fun does that wedding look....I want to go dance in that barn!....take care...xxx

  7. Adorable dress and such a pretty look!!!! Love the decor and song too my friend! :)

  8. You rock! You look beautiful and your wedding video is awesome.


  9. That dress is awesome, and it looks fantastic on you! Awesome party details - I love the outdoor, vintage vibe. Sorta makes me wish I could do mine all over again. :)

  10. A) I love that dress and almost bought it, but was hesitant b/c of the reviews. Do you love it? Its gorgeous on you!
    B) You make a gorgeous wedding. Wow. How long have you been doing that?

  11. What an absolutely adorable dress!!! I loved the video. The song was so super cute & the decor looked great. I loved the old tub filled with drinks. I can't even begin to imagine how fun that wedding must have been!!!


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