We Are Winners!

We are back from our long weekend spent tubing down the American River with friends.
So much fun was had.
And, some bragging rights were won too.

We came home with two trophies!
Yes...real life trophies that are up for grabs on Labor Day Weekend at the river.

We won the coveted 'Best Ribs Cook-Off Challenge' over the weekend!

We are up against some pretty serious competition and we were really surprised with the win since it was our first time really trying our hand at ribs. We dubbed them 'White Trash Ribs' since we didn't use any special rubs or fancy ingredients like rosemary. I think the they now deserve to be called 'Award Winning Ribs'!!

Just Dr. Pepper and Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce.
First in the crock pot, then finished on the grill!

We also came in second place and secured a trophy for the Cornhole Classic bean bag toss game!
Second Place baby!!
Who knew I had an arm and aim?

We have 153 photos to edit and pick our favorites from this weekend.
I'll do a full re-cap of all the fun later this week including the recipe for the award-winning ribs!

Right now I'm trying to get caught up on Bachelor Pad, Big Brother, laundry, orders and office work.
{notice order of importance...haha!}

No Dear Dave + April this week....but we will have you know that this was our first ever camping trip that was sheer delight from start to finish without a stressed out, frustrated word with one another. Setting up the trailer usually causes some tension as does Blake and potty needs during camping. Somehow it was just a comfortable, loving four days spent together...hmmm maybe all the work we've been doing on our relationship really is starting to pay off. It was easy this weekend. EASY. Didn't even have to work on being sweet with each other!

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  1. What a fun weekend and a fab tan! Glad it was a blast April! Now, back to reality.....and your blog sale ;)

  2. congratulations on your winnings, just randomly found your blog on a google search for interesting blogs. i love your blog, it is so cute! :)

  3. Yeah! Congrats! Sounds fun! And I love your little pizza cooking video!

  4. Ribs sound great! AND...PTL that you had an EASY weekend. I love it when it comes NATURAL to have a good time!


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