This & That Friday :: Instagram Style

Do you Instagram?
I do.
{it's an app on the iPhone that turns reg photos into fun old-time looking photos}

THIS was the view from my bed on Saturday morning at our hotel.
Dave waxed his baby surfboard right there on our bed.
He then went and surfed right there out our window.
While I stayed in bed and watched The Pioneer Woman bake cookies barefoot!

We got Hula Pie wasted on THIS piece of macadamia ice cream cake at Dukes.

While at Blog Sugar I took a style and fashion class. Ascot Friday had us make a tear sheet of a person and clothing that inspires us or represents us. I can't stop dreaming of THAT navy blue leather bag in the top left corner.

THAT number 5 there...that is Kaia. She is loving Volleyball. She made the JV team for Vintage.
Tuesday was Big Game. We lost this time, but play them two more times this season and plan on showing them what we're made of next time. Oh, and guess what....last night we found Blake's medical bag at her home game. We left it in the gym last week. I had a feeling...so I had someone dig through the janitor's closet and voila!

My friend Jeannett loves Instagram so much...she hosts a little party on Fridays.
I'm joining in!

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  1. i wanna get hula pie wasted! it's my favorite treat in hawaii. i had no clue there was a dukes in so cal! now i MUST go back.

    and i don't have cable - and i have yet to see P-Dubb's show. UGH. which makes me want to order cable right this second!

  2. What a blessing that you found Blake's bag! My heart sank when I read that you'd lost it.
    Those pics of volleyball brought a wave of memories back over me. I used to play and loved it.

  3. I don't Instagram but I will now!! How fun!

  4. I don't Instagram....sans Iphone but I have an Itouch, but that doesn't count. ;(

    For now, I'll love your photos instead. Kaia is adorable! She's looking so 70s vintage (in a great way) in that last pic. LOVE IT!

  5. Reese was the style inspiration for my tear sheet!! love yours - that bag is awesome!

  6. So glad you found Blake's bag!! Such a relief for you, I'm sure.

    Love every single thing about Reese Witherspoon's style. The biggest reason? She dresses like a real woman!


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