This + That Friday Instagram Style!

My friend Jeannett hosts Insta Friday linky party over at Life Rearranged.
I finally have an iPhone which makes using Instagram so easy. Now I can participate!
{picture me dancing in my living room celebrating}

We attended THIS wedding last weekend in Reno before we up and ran off and got married ourselves!
The wedding was held at the bride's parents' home in a large pasture.
It was gorgeous in all it's vintage lace goodness.

I have a wedding THIS weekend. In charge of all the decorations and sweet details. So fun! THIS is an old bathtub we found on the property and are using to house vintage soda bottles.

THIS little guy nicknamed 'Mr. T.' came to stay with us for a few hours. He was lost. Found by my brother-in-law and taken home with our good friend and foreman from our construction company, Joe. He is settling in nicely with their family. Still no reports of a lost dog posted or called in. Looks like he has found a new home! Lucky guy. He was the sweetest and loves to be carried around like a baby.

Speaking of babies. THIS is mine. I love his blue eyes. They make me melt.

THIS is my new favorite magazine. Eye-candy in the form of amazing color combinations. Anxiously awaiting time to pour over it a second time!

THAT Cam Wow app on iPhone....always makes me laugh out loud.

Seriously, I laugh out loud all by myself. At home, at the DMV, in the Orthodontist office. Whenever I glance at any of these pictures I just can't help myself.

And, THIS is me as an alien!
Try not to pee your pants.
Happy Friday.

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  1. Very fun photos!! CUTIE PIE DOG! :)

    Happy Friday! <33

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  2. oh my goodness, i need to download that app! too funny! are you still planning on going to blog sugar?!? 9 days!!

  3. Your alien picture is HYSTERICAL!!!

    Have a super weekend!!!!


  4. HAHAHA!! Those pics are HILARIOUS!! I was laughing out loud, and loved the try not pee! :) Blake's eyes would melt me too..have a great weekend!

  5. lol...hee hee hee...that made me smile and i need one round about now..take care...xxx


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