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We are driving home from Huntington Beach today.
We had a WONDERFUL weekend away.
The Shorebreak Hotel was swanky, hip and ultra surfer cool.

Blog Sugar was a blast.
Met so many new friends from my neck of the woods!!
More on that later.

Today while we drive I have something special to share with you.
I've offered up my Create printable that was available in a very limited quantity in my shop some time ago
for an amazing cause. A woman I met at my very first Queen Bee Market is fighting for her life.
Fighting Cystic Fibrosis. Friends of the QBM and handmade world have come together in a fundraiser.

Jess and Mique are the heart behind it.
You can read about it HERE.
And shop your heart out HERE.
All for a sweet woman and her family.
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  1. I checked out the goodies and think I'm in love. What a fantastic idea for an important cause. You ladies are amazing!


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