Our Weekend Plans....

Our weekend plans are exciting.
I wish I didn't feel like I have a double ear infection coming on.
I can't remember the last time I had an ear infection.

Dave and I both turned 40 this year.
We dreamed of a little surf and shop vacation on the coast.
Originally thinking Santa Barbara.
But it never happened.

Blog Sugar is happening this weekend.
A one day conference for Bloggers.
I registered early and had a roommate.
Then the roommate had to cancel.
So I asked Dave if he wanted to be my roommate.
And we could celebrate us turning 40 on the beach.
Away for the weekend.

I found this amazing hotel...Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach.
Surf City as they refer to it. We've never been there.
Maybe have driven through but never explored.
We are bringing the big truck.
In case we find any treasures for a new venture
Dave and I have been dreaming up for a year now.
Our big reveal will be at the next Queen Bee Market

I'm not sure what I am more excited for....
Blog Sugar or the decor of the hotel.
Dave has no idea each room has a surfboard in it!
It's going to be a fun weekend...if an ear infection will stay away.

{The kids are staying home with grandparents and have a fun things planned too!}

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  1. I grew up in HB and I love the downtown. Definitely a fun weekend spot. Looking forward to Blog Sugar too. It is going to be great. I just might look into the Shorebreak for a weekend get away in 2 weeks. Staying local could be fun!Have a great time. Dukes is good for dinner. :)

  2. How excited and cool! Have a wonderful time.

    Would love to hit up a QB Market. Sounds like my Ya Ya's and I dream adventure. Is this something that happens regularly? Whats the low down?

  3. How fun, I second the Duke's recommendation. Also drive down to Seal Beach it's such a cute little town you will love it! Have fun:)

  4. Adorable April. This hotel is funky, beachy and appears to be made for you. Enjoy your fun weekend! Oh - if I show up at your door, it's just because I want to borrow your surf board ;)

  5. Hope you have a great time!

    When is the next Queenbee Market happening?

  6. So fun! You are in my stomping grounds!! You are going to love HB! Have the best weekend!!!

  7. Have a great time at Blog Sugar (I'm sooo jealous) and spending time with your hubby! Can't wait to hear about your big reveal...


  8. That sounds a like a perfect weekend.
    Have a great time!
    A big reveal at the Queen Bee Market? Consider me there!

  9. Hope it was as wonderful as you dreamed! You deserve it!


  10. what a great way to spend your
    40th birthday


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