July Revisted: All Cousins Sleepover!

This was our second All Cousins Sleepover that we hosted.
The last one was a few years ago and minus Kyle, who was a baby.
I brought them all to McDonalds for pancakes last time
and none of them were old enough to cut up their own pancakes.
Cutting up 8 pancake meals on those styrofoam plates took forever!

This year's All Cousins Sleepover was bittersweet.
My brother's sweet family moved to Colorado this summer.
A place where Jason and his wife dreamed of moving one day.
Three of those cute kids up there are his.
One of them looks just like his daddy so much
that when I see him I'm flooded with memories of my brother when he was younger! 

I was smarter this sleepover than last.
Instead of taking them all to McDonalds for breakfast....
I scheduled a hair appointment for 8:00 am on Saturday morning
and left Uncle Dave to make them all pancakes at home!
Although they are all big enough now to cut up their own pancakes.

The sleepover was memorable.
Lots and lots of laughs.
One last 24 hours for all those boys to play together.
And, one last night for the girls to stay up late giggling and sharing secrets.

The boys trying to look like tough skateboarders.
They aren't fooling anyone.
Those are the sweetest boys around!

And to make the sleepover even more memorable....
I thought it would be fun to take the kids toilet papering
to Grandpa and Grandma's house! 

It was a first for some of them and they were crazy excited!
My sister joined me to help with driving.
We drove with windows down and music blaring.
Then snuck up quietly to their home.
And, proceeded to TRASH it!

And then got caught!
But Grandpa and Grandma didn't make us pick it up.
They said they wanted all the neighbors to see how popular they were!!

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  1. What a fun time for them!! :) So smart about the hair appt. ;) hehe And I LOVE the toilet papering! Lots of love going on at that house! hehe :)

  2. Ok, that is SO fun!!! Your nieces and nephews must LOVE you & Dave! And, how great for all of the kids!

  3. And Grandma and Granpa were honored to be covered in white angel fluff! What memorable pictures. Copies please!!

  4. I love it!
    My mom takes all the cousins over to her house and they sleep in a tent and call it the "cuz buzz".
    Then all the kids ask when the next cuz buzz is.

  5. What a fantastic idea (esp the hair appt). I'm going to share this with my husband. When my kids and the cousins get a little older we are going to have to do this!

  6. How stinking fun! Our cousins are spread from New Hampshire to Nevada, so unfortunately we can't make this work. It looks like a blast though!

  7. Oh so fun! I did a Camp Cousin day for my boys, nieces and nephew this summer and it was so much fun! I hope we can make it an overnight thing next year! And I love the TP'ing idea! What great memories!

  8. Wow this sounds like a ton of fun and something we should consider doing with our family! Too funny what gma and gpa said about not cleaning up lol! I think my parents would kill me if I let the kiddos do that.


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