Easy Peasy Pesto Chicken Pizza Vlog!

My girlfriend Alix and her husband have just started a food blog called Cali Cooking Couple. She was looking for some blogging tips. We were chatting for awhile when I thought...she could use some blog tips and I could really use some cooking tips....since I'm always at a loss for simple easy school night dinners and, this magnet does hang on the side of my fridge!

{except mine says the bad word!}

That's when we dreamed up Alix coming over and showing me how to make this really simple, REALLY YUMMY pesto chicken pizza and while it cooked we could talk blog tips.

{I'm pretty sure I got the better end of the deal. I made that!}

It has a special ingredient that makes it Napa Valley-ish and I have to tell you...
it was delightful in my mouth.The whole family loved it.

Our video is funny...it has a feel of Rachel Ray meets Martha Stewart!
Hope you have fun watching our 8 minutes to a yummy pizza
step-by-step video with funny little personal stories mixed in!
We used the iSupr8 iPhone app.
{Thanks, Danyelle, for that app tip!}

Click here to watch the video and grab the recipe.
And, feel free to follow Alix and Kevin's blog.
They have a 'simpler is better' motto which I love when it comes to dinner making!

Oh and one more thing about Alix that makes her fabulous. While we were talking lasagna...she casually throws out..."I make my own ricotta cheese" and I was like a record screeching to back up!

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  1. Um, YUM April! I so want to be in on these fun girlie nights! This pizza looks amazing! Off to check out their blog too!

  2. So I just watched the video - CUTE CUTE CUTE! Are those aprons in your shop???

  3. cute vlog! I make a similar chicken pesto pizza and it is so delicious!

  4. Grapes?! I would never have thought of that on pizza - much less pesto pizza! But actually, it sounds delicious!

  5. YUM! I love pesto pizza! I'm definitely trying this one! Thanks for sharing :)
    I have a hard time w/ easy weeknight dinners too.

  6. Looks delish!


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