Dear Dave + April....A Tuesday Series.

Dear Dave,
I loved our little trip this weekend. I loved that you were my roommate when my original roommate couldn't come anymore. I loved that I slide into the center of the bench seat in the truck to sit right by your side for most of the way down to Southern California. It wasn't the most comfortable seat in the truck...but it was the BEST seat in the truck and sliding over next to you gave me butterflies. It made I-5 way more exciting. I loved that you lite up when we walked into our hotel and saw it lined with famous surf pictures and then lite up again when you walked into our room with views of the surf at Huntington Beach Pier and said I scored serious points with the hotel choice! I loved sitting in the large bean bag in our room and spied you walking across the sand to surf that same pier that you had seen in magazines for 25 years. It was a great weekend away for us. I want that to be OUR hotel and I was serious when I said if we won the lotto I would take up residency there!

Now we are home and reality smacks us right in the face. Why does that have to be? I'm not loving that we are facing a $10,000 medical bill for Blake's MRI. Seriously, $33,000 for a few hours as outpatient makes me sick. I'm sick over losing Blake's medical backpack that we have used for the last four years. I didn't sleep much last night trying to wrack my brain of all the places we went last week and where we might have left it. I know you keep telling me....it's just a backpack....but it is loaded with our 'things'. And while they are just 'things' the problem is I can't remember what 'things' are in there...so I'm feeling as lost as the backpack now that we are home. I'm not loving that laundry has to be done and lunches need to be made and the daily grind will be the norm until our next getaway. Although once back in the swing of things...our daily grind isn't too bad. But most of all what I'm not loving right this minute....was kissing you good-bye so you could go to work. The first day back from a mini getaway always makes me miss you so much when you have to walk out that door.

Love, April

P.S. I really NEED a letter from you. Pretty please. It's been a few weeks. And a big thank you to my parents and sister who helped watched our children this weekend. It was an eventful weekend including Blake's new bicycle being stolen then recovered!

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  1. Dear April,

    The braid in your hair = rad.
    Carpooling with you = awesome
    Medical Bills = Suck

    Everything will work itself out.

    Dear Dave,

    It was great to briefly see you!


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