Dear Dave + April.....a Tuesday Series.

Dear Dave,
I love you. The end.
OK...you know I have never been that short on words. But I know you are, that is why I always try really hard to find cards for you that are short and sweet and to the point. I'm looking forward to our weekend away to celebrate our overdue 40th birthday getaway. Wait until you see the hotel I booked. Let's just say it is an upgraded San O'nofre trip that has your name written all over it!

I want to be like this couple when we are older. He is silly. She is patient. He compliments her hair then talks about her boobs! Love it. They have no idea the camera is on. You have to watch to the end.

Can we work on a few of those things? Can you be more silly and I'll be more patient. And, can you compliment me more before you ask to see the boobs!!
Love, me
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  1. I love that video.. if I ever find out that video was a fake I will be so sad.. but in anycase it is what we all want..right?.. to be loved for us..

    Marriage is worth the work


  2. Having a pretty yucky day and I needed this...


  3. haha :) i loved that video and your comment. i can totally emphathise.

  4. Love it...I sure hope my hubby and I are still that "in love" and that he still finds my "boobs" sexy when we are that age! :-)

  5. I love this, we have been married 12 years this Oct 2nd and it's amazing how much we've changed since we were those kids with shiny rings and the world ahead of us. So much has happenned since then, 2 kiddos, a job loss, our first home, a new home....all this makes us change and grow. I too have to remind my hubby we need to keep it fresh and fun. I need more silliness, patience and sweetness.
    And, yes..Compliment me, wrinkles and all. I'm still that same girl!!! :)

  6. such a funny and sweet video clip.


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