Checking In.

Just checking in here on the blog before my mom calls and asks if everything is OK!

I'm choosing Productivity today over Procrastination.
Yesterday I threw myself a pity party.
I'm overwhelmed. Overcrowded in the brain. Overweight again which is causing a bigger roll than I want over my jeans but I just keep eating. Overcrowded in the house due to lack of organization right now.
I took a nap yesterday for 2 1/2 hours. Not sure it helped. The nap still fell under procrastination for me. And let me escape the overwhelming feeling of overcrowdedness in my brain.
I think I'm OVER all of it today.

I want to work today. To be productive.
And choose healthier snacks today.
And drink water all day.
And maybe go on a walk this evening with Dave.

Hmmm...I'm feeling better already.

How about you....how do you decide to make a day count and be productive. What's your trick?

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  1. Taking a break helps me. After a vacation or a day lounging around I'm usually itching to get back to work. Sometimes you just need to shut your brain down for a bit to allow the creative juices to start flowing.

  2. Oh, I feel your pain. I don't know if it's hormonal with me (you know, cyclically driven) or what, but I have spurts of motivation and then just very little. I always have check lists on paper or in my head and with every little thing I check off I feel a little better (Unload dishwasher, drop off older kids at school, take youngest two for a walk, shower, vacuum front room, throw in a load of laundry, finish hem on skirt, finish craft on counter so I can clean it up, decorate for Halloween...) I try combine fun stuff with chores on my lists to mix it up and keep me going. And a little caffeine and a multivitamin help :-).

  3. I thought of something else! Really important - some great music~ Sometimes I get sick of the modern and go for something really peppy like some fun classic rock or oldies, sometimes something like The Three Tenors blasting can really get me going and then sometimes something mellow does the trick. I have Pandora on my ipod touch and love finding fun new stations to blast through the house!

  4. The little guys in our house motivate me, so it gives me no choice. I also make a list for the day and I always include something enjoyable to break it up. Put on something fun to wear (like a summer dress and sandles), make some sun tea and listen to your favorite peppy tunes today. I am feeling overwhelmed right now too, but my big project just got done last night so today is catch up on laundry and chores, maybe that will help clear the cobwebs. Good Luck and have a great day! ~Kristin

  5. it is nice to know other people have days like that too - my day was VERY similar - although I am jealous about your nap!!! :) I will take your inspiration and try to be productive today too - thank you!!

  6. I need some tips. But a good kick in the butt always helps me. Hope today is that much more better for you....

  7. @Jeni
    Duh...could totally be hormonal! And music...yes...great idea.

  8. Wow, girl, if you're overweight then Im a moose! I couldnt believe how statu-esque you were in person at Blog Sugar! Definitely glad I finally got the nerve to come say hi:)
    You're beautiful but I know you have to FEEL beautiful to believe it.
    We all get in these ruts. Sometimes its just a bad day...or two...or ten:) Glad to hear today is going better for you.

  9. I feel you!

    I had a day yesterday! Sheesh! Thanks for the motivation!

  10. I definitely can understand where you are coming from. Sometimes it is good to have a day to just be bummed out. If you can get it all out I feel like it gives you the chance to start fresh the next day and move forward! Good luck, I am sure you will do great. I have been feeling the same way lately, and reading this post has inspired me. :)

  11. We all have these days my friend...why yes, I know I do! It's ok to have a pity party every once and a while - proves your human! Walking on the treadmill first thing, when I can makes me feel like I'm off to a good start. Doesn't stop me from eating (and eating....more...) but at least it clears my head a bit and helps me ***try*** to maintain the focus. It's a work in progress....such is life!

  12. I understand your pain. I have been making a list of my 6 most important things that I need to get done during the day. I "try" to do them before I "play". It helps me to have a list. I feel good when I can cross things off. I tried to make a no facebook/playing on the computer policy until the 6 Most are done, but that's really hard!

  13. Hi April, I totally relate to the roll over the jeans thing. Mine keep getting tighter and tighter and I refuse to buy a bigger size ;) . I have my more productive "seasons" and my less productive "seasons". Sorry, I don't have any great ideas for you...I'm only productive under pressure!

  14. I feel ya... Did you see my posts for yesterday? My day ended when i walked in from bootcamp and got hit in the head with a bean bag.

    Its funny but I think sometimes I need the bad days to give me the boost I need to be really productive and move ahead.

    Keep checking in to my blog and we can motivate eachother to drops some Lb's.

    Happy Friday!

  15. Today is the most non productive day I've had in a really long time. I have a 1 year old with strep so NOTHING is getting done (except for him crying LOTS)!!!!!

    I know exactly how you feel.....my mind is cluttered, my house is cluttered & my tummy is too big. Yep, sums up my life.

    Hope you got lots accomplished. Cant wait to hear about it.


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